PPP does not seem to be working


I have the PPP for a number of years and recently I noticed that the input and output voltage and THD is the same. The PPP can still be turned on with a click but I am not sure whether the regeneration is working. My preamp and dac connected to the PPP can still be turned on. I am based in Singapore and not sure who can troubleshoot and repair it.


Your dealer, A and L should be able to help.

Paul McGowan said Your dealer, A and L should be able to help.
Thanks Paul. Spoke to Anthony from A and L this morning and he asked me to bring down to the shop so that he can take a look. Hope that he can fix the set as it is still in a very good condition and it works very well in my system. However, Anthony did said that he is not sure whether parts are available for my set. If there are no parts, it will take a while to get it fixed. Keeping my fingers crossed :)


We all hope it is an easy fix!


Any status update on the repair of your PPP? My ~8 year old PPP is currently exhibiting the same behavior. This particular unit was repaired almost exactly 4 years ago for a similar clicking issue. I’m uncertain if I want to go through the hassle of another RMA and repair or if I should just thrown in the towel on the PPP.



I have 3 PPP units and have had 1 repaired. I didn’t like the flat repair fee of $500. It is a high % of the initial cost but it is small compared to a new P10. I have to believe the new P series are more robust than the PPP. PPPs have been selling used for $800 on ebay - fix yours and keep it or maybe sell it to move up.