Prima Luna is going fully balanced

A fully balanced circuit with balanced connections will be added their higher end amps and preamps.

More info late next week.

It would be nice if they offered an upgrade to current models. Only time will tell I guess.

I don’t think that fully balanced differential circuitry is an upgrade. It’s most likely a full revision.

Fully balanced circuitry (not just providing XLR inputs and outputs) requires doubling the circuitry and related power supplies. As a result the changes can be quite extensive which could be prohibitive in allowing a practical implementation via an upgrade.

Yes i know. There are many types of upgrades. They could offer one where current owners pay the difference of new units.

balanced inputs on integrated amp?

Nope, only the power amps and preamps. It was too much to fit into an integrated.

Any link to the announcement?

Had a well reviewed Prima Luna integrated that provided my best tube experience, although that isn’t saying much. Rolled several output tubes, most didn’t sound any better or as good as my far less expensive Channel Island Audio D-100 (their original class D mono-blocks) so I sold it and kept the D-100’s.

Then went to all balanced systems, finally with active studio monitors. A balanced tube power amp could be quite big and expensive.

Nothing I can find online yet

It’ll probably be announced late next week. :slight_smile:

I did an in home audition of a PrimaLuna Prologue power amp. Leading up to the purchase I was drunk on the notion of tubes. My S300 trounced the PrimaLuna, it wasn’t close.

The Dialog is much better. Tube amps ( not hybrid like the BHK ) will not sound solid state at all, like the Steller series. Some people don’t care for tube amps. I prefer the BHK too, but I do have a Primaluna Dialog integrated that sounds very good in my office

Given that these amps are completely different in design and watts, can you explain the differences you heard?

Its been awhile. As I recall, the S300 was better in every way, larger, more detailed soundstage. Better imaging. A more full, robust sound, more alive and engaging. And despite Upscale Audio assuring their amp could drive my towers, I experienced clipping. I loved how the PrimaLuna looked, but it was no comparison when it came to sound quality.

Perhaps the higher end PrimaLuna would fare better. My experience led me to think a balanced tube preamp with a solid state amp is a better way to go.

And that may have been a factor, the PrimaLuna wasn’t balanced.

In contrast in my system/ears:
There are two mono PL Dialogue Premium HP amps w/KT150s driving ‘tower’ Wilson XT1s easily w/o distortion, etc. These Prima Lunas replace ARC Ref 210 monos and improved the SQ audibly, very audibly and do not require the maintenance required with the more ‘audiophile recommended’ ARC products. PL is a great product at an affordable/competitive price. Certainly, I wish that they had been balanced as I had to buy another set of ICs to fit RCA.
Of note, again, I bought ZenWaves D4 cables to replace a more costly Transparent Audio iC set with easily heard improvement. Could be just my system/ears but ??? YMMV

In fairness, I tried the least expensive PrimaLuna, I think it was the Dialogue 4. Perhaps I had just become accustomed to the PS Audio sound? I’m sure the new balanced PrimaLuna design will be very compelling…

I can say first hand, Primaluna can’t touch PSA BHK products at all. IMO.

That’s not the case with the Primaluna Dialogue premium preamp. It’s very much on par with the BHK preamp in my opinion. Not necessarily better but different – just a matter of taste which one you prefer. It’s really excellent.


My Primaluna Dialogue Premium preamp displaced a $9,000.00 ss linestage that I loved to death… The PL Premium is a steller product that has few rivals at any price in my opinion. Of course…system synergy is always a consideration in all things audio.

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