Problem on Mood 260dt transport

I was looking for a very good cd transport. After weeks of reading, listening… I decided to buy a Simaudio Moon 260dt. One of the parameter is, do not blame me, that I was willing to support local business instead of “made in China”.
I received the unit and plugged it , very excited. I was very happy with the sound from the start. A day after, I started some more serious listening and cd’s after cd’s I found some were skipping , not the clock/time, but the sound. Some breaks here and there every 2 or 3 seconds.
We rulled out the DAC, cable… Simaudio was very supportive, quick and sent me a new unit.
I received this new unit 2 days ago. Still very happy with the sound, amazed I would say , but same issue happening again.
I have just put Norah Jones - feels like home. Brand new, absolutely no scratch, same issue again, the sounds breaks every 3 seconds. What is weird is I put another album of Norah Jones, which is lighlty scratched, and it works perfectly.
I don’t know what happens with this 260dt product but definitely something in the specs that make most of cds not listenable. I told them that buying a transport at 2000$ to read a few cds because it doesn’t play all , is a poor investment and I prefer to get reimbursed. I have only 80cds. If I cannot play them, I will go with a streamer…
I have never had any issue with my previous Naim or old Audio Research. Even my cheap Jolida or sony read them…
I am really disappointed as I like its sound , at least when it reads my cds.

My advice is to contact the dealer and/or Mood. I’m sure they will be able to address the issue.

One of Norah Jones’ CD has copy protection that adds gap normal CD players can handle because of how they error correct. Computers, however, can’t rip it easily.

I wonder if that’s what you’re hearing.

I have just checked and you are right, it is written “copy controller” with a logo in the back of the sleeve. You think this is the issue ? So each time there is a protection i will hear this ?

Maybe. I was just sharing that fact, but best to check with Moon.

I am waiting their answer and provided them this new information.
If this is it, I will keep it as it is a wonderful sounding unit. If it is something else, I will keep asking for refund

When I come across CD’s like that, I take great satisfaction in ripping them and placing the disc into storage. :muscle:

I own the same unit; I’ve had no issues with it so far.
I had one Dianna Krall CD that would cause the 260 to skip around the tracks. I removed the brand new CD and washed it, using warm water and a tiny bit of mild soap, then of course rinsing thoroughly.
That took care of the issue, the CD plays fine now.
Your issue is very different; I wonder, as your unit warms-up slighty, could it be an internal connection or a solder joint that is intermittent?

Simaudio are very supportive. I am impressed by their customer support.
They tried the transport with the cds I shipped them back. On another dac it works fine. Plugged On a moon 280d they have, same issue is happening.
Pfiew… it is not me. They are working on the issue and will get back to me.