Problem with Stellar Power Plant 3

I unfortunately have just had a bad experience due to poor QC, and wish I could make use of PS Audio’s customer service directly after what I have read here, but unfortunately live in Europe. Just received the PS Audio Stellar Power Plant 3 from a dealer, and it is defective. Getting another one in will probably take a while since the dealer doesn’t have any in stock. Turns out two capacitors are nearly completely detached, and even have scuffed tops. Not sure how that got past QC, to be honest. It was still sealed in its orignal packaging, so the dealer isn’t at fault, nor could it have been shipping since packaging is excellent (cudos for that) and the inner and outer box were completely unscathed.

Device thinks the load is too low (or high) after operating for around 45 seconds. However, voltage doesn’t deviate by more than 3% in my apartment.

I had problems with my first Powerplant 3. I never opened it to look inside. It was replaced by my dealer and the replacement has been great. No issues for the 3 or so weeks since I’ve had it plugged in.

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