Stellar Power Plant 3 fries eggs

Hi All
I purchased a SPP3 in January this year and I have to say hands down the best addition I could of made regarding sound quality improvement. So much so that a long standing wealthy friend and a very accomplished tight fist also bought one. Unless otherwise indicated I cannot see any of my future hifi rigs without the inclusion of a power regenerator. I already had what is so far universally agreed to be a very good system, yet the SPP3 completely upgraded the sound with no negatives.
So I’m sitting listening to some chilled sounds one late evening over a month ago when I noticed the combination of leds came on that indicated an “Amp fault”
The music was still playing so I paused the sound.
I then started to hear from the SPP3 what sounded like eggs frying accompanied by a burning smell that definitely was not that of my breakfast.
Panic set in and I dashed to switch of my active speakers and streamer followed by the SPP3.
I won’t deny that my fight/flight/fright response was triggered such was the smell and sound.
On repacking the unit in readiness to be shipped to the distributor/repair center I came across Paul’s flyer “Ask Paul” So I did.
I asked why my SPP3 blew up?
It was a bit tongue in cheek as I did not expect a response nor did I get one.
At the time of writing My four month old new unit has been in for repair for over a month. I’m informed by the repair man that the unit needs a new board. Sounds simple right?
At this point I must state that the UK repair/distributor has been very good and has kept me informed of the lack of progress and I have no issue with his service.
I do very much appreciate the Covid issue and how it has affected various companies to various degrees.
Here’s where I get a bit puzzled.
A replacement board was sent from the USA that did not fit and maybe should not of gotten through QC so another one was ordered to be shipped. That was two weeks ago. I have been informed by the repairer and the dealer that sold me the unit, that it is so far it’s rare for the SPP3 to go wrong. However it is a mechanical thing and some will fail.
What puzzles me is given the relative simplicity of the architecture of the SPP3
ie, board/power transformer/case
Why Ps Audio have not given the repair center a small batch of boards so to expedite a quick repair and turn around.
Also how did a faulty/incorrect board get through QC
Please do not see this post as a complaint but I really value my music especially in this lockdown environment. The addition of the SPP3 made such an enjoyable improvement that I find that I really miss what the SPP3 brings to the sonic pallett.
I’m thinking of getting the DPP12 or the DPP15 for another system I have such is my conversion to power regen sonic benefits.
These things are not cheap so I would love some reassurance that what has happened to my SPP3 won’t happen again. Is that a realistic expectation?
Has anyone else in other territories experienced any of the current power regenerator having similar failures?
Thank you Ps Audio for this product.
I hope Ps Audio will weather this pandemic and I wish you all well.
Blue :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome, Blue!

A frustrating situation to be sure. I hope everything gets sorted soon.

I do not recall hearing of a similar catastrophic Power Plant failure.

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Thank you for your welcome and kind thoughts Elk

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Not fries eggs, but this P12 smoke. Smoke coming from new P12
Btw, I own P12 for just more than a year. Lucky me. no problem. Hope you get your P3 back soon.

Hi Terrence
I read your link to your previous post. Ps Audio had really looked after you with good customer services.
I have purchased over the last 16 years ten different subwoofers from SVS from there entry models through to there flagship Ultras. Most of them needed there amp plates changed for one reason or another, all due to malfunctions or complete failure. I stick with SVS due to their outstanding and quick customer support and because I believe the subs when they do work well are fantastic sounding subs.
The SPP3 is my first PSA product and since my brief ownership I have expressed to all who care to listen how much improvement the the regen has made to the sound. I mean a really significant improvement. This kind of experience along with PSA customer friendly approach will undoubtedly make me a loyal customer.
PSA have a high profile in the uk recently and I suspect given the reviews in HiFi news, I hope they do well.
I do still think of my SPP3 at four months ownership as being still new and I’m missing my new toy. I’m aware of the shallowness of my last comment given the mess we are all in. However I believe I have worked hard to afford the luxury of HiFi equipment and deserving companies who make good products with good customer support will get my patronage thus contributing towards making the company and employees successful
I was wondering that given that the SPP3 is based on the same technology as the P20 If used in the same circumstances do they have the same amount of improvement as each other? Should the decision to buy a particular model be based solely on power draw requirements?
Keep safe

I am sorry you had a problem with the SPP3. Indeed, a failure is very rare and I’ve yet to hear about one frying eggs. I assume it is with Kevin at Signature Sounds?

Kevin’s great and will take care of you. I too am puzzled by the idea it needs a new board and that we would ship one that doesn’t fit. To my knowledge we’ve never had more that one set of boards so that’s a real mystery.

I will forward this email to our ops director to see if we can’t speed things up.

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Thank you very much Paul
Warm Regards

Totally agree. Besides putting innovative technology into its gears (the main reason I go for PSA), provide good customer service is essential. I think since PSA is a small company, less than 100 people, outside USA, the service is provided through its dealers. If U.K. dealer wants to expand the PSA market share in a very competitive HiFi market there, the dealer had better distinguished itself by providing excellent customer service.
As to you question on selecting these P’s base on power or not, in my case, I have PSA SGCD, M700s and DSDAC, (plus non-PSA stuffs: subs, streamer etc ) total power draw is less then 200w. I will be happy with P3 (not to mention, it is much cheaper) However, I choose P12 due to

  1. P3 does not have enough sockets.
  2. P12 chassis has similar form factor to the DSDAC, and BHK preamp (which I have my eyes on it to replace SGCD later).

Keep safe too.

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I just spoke via email with Kevin at Signature and it looks like Gerry’s Stellar Phono is to be finished in the next day or so.

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Man I’m itching to get this regen unit back into my system.
I so miss it
I’m also going to try out some IsoAcoustic Gaia 111 under my speakers
Should be interesting
Thanks again Paul and all at PSA

The P3 has been back in the system for awhile and been working perfectly
The Gaia 111 appears to doing there job
Very happy with the sound
A big thank you to Kevin at signature Audio for facilitating the repair
and Paul CEO PS Audio.


Thank you for the follow up.

Great to hear Blue and a big thanks to Kevin! He’s always a pleasure to work with!