Junior DAC power failure

Hello everyone! I apologize for any errors in my English, and I hope my message is clear.

I have hesitated to post this because I feel somewhat overwhelmed by the potential troubleshooting it might involve.

Here’s my setup:

I had a Stellar Power Plant 3 that powered my PrimaLuna Tube amplifier and my pair of Avantgarde Acoustic horn speakers. I also had a DirectStream Junior DAC connected to the Power Base that came with it.

A few weeks ago, all the devices connected to my Stellar Power Plant and the Power Base experienced power failures. Some had blown fuses, while others suffered internal damage. However, the power units themselves appear to be unaffected. When I replace the fuse in the Junior DAC, it blows again, and the other units are completely unresponsive with issues other than blown fuses. I am currently investigating these issues.

I am using this forum to address the problem with the Junior DAC, and to some extent, the Power Base and Stellar P3 as well. I suspect that the main power was switched on several times while the devices were already powered on. If I had remembered to turn off my system before the electricians arrived, perhaps nothing would have been damaged. Could it be that there was a power surge or peak that caused excessive power to flow through the units, resulting in damage to the circuitry further down the chain? Have I misunderstood the proper usage of the P3 or Power Base?

I am attaching images of the internals and what appears to be a burnt coil.

I would greatly appreciate any assistance or guidance you can provide!

Desperate and in need of sonic revival

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Does not look good, @jamesh anyone around who can give some device-specific assistance from PSA?