Product Knowledge Quiz? Rare Audio Barn Find - NOT quite audiophile quality

Anyone ever seen these before? I’m guessing circa early 70s, I suppose the frequency response is entirely dependent on your wall material :sweat_smile:. Brand new in box! I can find absolutely no info on these. Part of me wants to try them - perhaps I’ll hook 'em up and just hold them to a wall and bask in audiophile bliss. (They are 4" diameter)


I am reminded of the “bone phones” that would be advertised in the back pages of some magazines.

I’d go ahead and give them a go on some drywall using a cheap AVR if you have one laying around. For optimal performance, but sure to use a stud finder and place them centered between the studs. :crazy_face:

RE: Bone Phones, I bought a pair as a youngster (quite costly as I recall; $70?) and they sucked! Returned for a full refund. They were the blue wrap around your neck style shown below (roller-skate girl not included).

But, the worked, from what I read, to let deaf people hear.