Protect from mains spikes without bad sound influence

I wish to protect My A/V Proccesor and Power Amplifier from mains spikes without bad sound influence.
Is it possible ?
My kit is ;
McIntosh MC255
McIntosh MX123
I have two devices and need to choose …
Or use my Audio kit without any protection ( Maybe they are good enough to handle without ) ?


Yes, in it’s lowest cost form you can use one of our Dectet conditioners. The Dectet has minimal impact on sound quality, less than the others you propose, and is lower in cost.

If you want protection plus improvement, you’d need to move to a Power Plant.

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Dear Paul .

Thank you so much for your reply !

Very appreciated!

Indeed you are the most professional , honest and objective person that I can imagine to receive the best advice from !

Can you please guid me for such a device - a 220v 50/60 Ampere ?

Best regards


The product to which Paul refers is here: Click.

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THANK YOU all !!!

Thanks. is where you can find out the details. Depending on what country you’re in, we can connect you with a dealer or distributor.

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Thank you very much !