PS Audio $600 Speakers?


Not trying to better in one sense. They are the best I have heard in my system in several ways, except the bass… I can not use the kind of subwoofer I would use if I could. REL TZero. My Nuprime ST-10 amp has balanced outputs can not work with the REL… and a sub-woofer would worry me concerning my apartment situation.

For the bass I found a solution. A linear dynamic EQ boost of the lowest usable octave of the Audiences. But, I was told by Audience that introduces Doppler effect since they are full range. Audience warned me of that effect if I choose to boost and not use a subwoofer. It may not be anything to be too concerned about at my listening level. But, it may be. Two drivers would help abate the Doppler effect with using a boost.

I have been reading that a natural sounding sustain heard with quality ribbon tweeters is more like real life than dynamic tweeters. Not sure where the 1+1’s would fall in that area. Its been more of a curiosity issue than anything else.

Like I said. This one is strictly a matter of curiosity. I would not feel deprived if it could not be done without making things more complicated than need be. Just curiosity at present. I am soon going to upgrade the tubes in my preamp and may find that what I thought I was looking to change with speakers may no longer be on my ‘quest list.’

I appreciate your feedback. Thanks.


Good thinking, all around.

Ribbon tweeters are fast and move tremendous amounts of air. This quickness breathes extra life into attack transients and provides very smooth sustain and decay.


That, sir! Is the one thing I seek to find.

I may have even had a dream about it. It was one of those dreams that stands out from the regular kind. I did not know what system I was listening to, but I knew what I was hearing. Its how ribbon tweeters are described. Later on, when some reviewers brought this aspect of ribbon tweeters to the forefront my mind perked right up. I was “all ears.”

That what I am looking for in a smaller speaker. I figure a two way would be a happy compromise as long as the bass is tight and the crossover keeps the sound phase coherent.

Merry Christmas and Shalom.


The AMT variant tweeter in my Monitor Audio Platinum PL100 II’s is one of the best sounding tweeters I’ve ever heard. Smooth, natural, incredibly detailed with tons of air. I’m sure PS Audio’s AMT tweeter will sound great too. Like Elk said, a lot of improvements have been made over the years with AMT and ribbon tweeters. A lot of manufacturers are using a custom version of their own and sound great.


You could try Maggie Minis.


For a while there I was seriously considering the new Monitor Audio Studio speakers… (open in new tab to stay on this page)
I am just sitting on my hands in the mean while. The speakers I now have do not make me want to rush out and change anything. But, one must keep an open mind.


For the price they seem like a great deal. They’re not using the exact same driver components as the Platinum series but they should still offer very good performance especially given their price point.


I have been impressed with the sound of Monitor speakers. I like D’Appolito driver arrangement.


They used to be more of a budget oriented brand but that’s changed a bit over the last 5 or 6 years. From what I’ve personally heard, I think their latest Platinum II line of speakers compete favorably with brands like Bowers & Wilkins and Focal. I had the opportunity to listen to the latest B&W 805 Diamond and PL100 II’s (as I was in the market for bookshelves) and to me it was no contest which is why I went with the PL100 II speakers.