Why no Sprouting?

So I have an inquiry/puzzlement about the Sprout speakers…or the lack of progress thereof. I just finished Paul’s book ( audiobook, fantastic listen/read!) and at the end he speaks of the Sprout and how it is the highest selling piece of equipment they sell by far (if I am misremembering that forgive me). So I keep asking myself, why not produce the speakers that match this high selling component? It seems like a pretty straight forward design. I am running Martin Logan 35XT’s and they seem very similar to the Sprout speakers in concept (6 1/2" woofer, Large AMT ribbon tweeter, etc). I know the AN series is taking precedent, but it seems like a very large part of PSA sales potential/customers are unmet while efforts go into a speaker that most of us can’t afford. Am I missing something?

I feel a bit odd posting this as I am preparing to replace the ML’s with Maggies, but this has always confused me a bit.

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Thanks for the spoiler alert…I’m only at chapter 65…LOL !

Very good point that a lot of folks have wondered about. The limited amount I know would suggest that certain things are dynamically being put on different “burners” so to speak (not necessarily the back burner - and the stove now has More and Bigger burners, the company having moved and grown a lot over the past year) based on a broad range of considerations.

They’re juggling a lot of plates, to use another metaphor ; )

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Sorry! :laughing:

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Go visit some time. I did a few months ago. I was struck by the overall goodness/enthusiasm there but also how, in the big picture of a manufacturer with this kind of influence, how small they are. I’d never want to rush them.

Hi Ron,

You are absolutely right about PS Audio’s Welcoming attitude, never had a chance to visit them, but Paul’s Videos, this Forum and their responsiveness is fantastic.

That combined with sound but innovative engineering is why I like them so much.

But, to my opinion @stonefree1911 suggestion would take a lot of pressure off their plate and buy them time and funds for new developments and taking care of QA issues that are inevitably a concern with a small company juggling so many balls.

The AN3 and Stellar speakers are a smart move too, certainly next step, but why not offer the Sprout with those cute speakers that were shown, I don’t understand. However the woofer moved towards on those speakers remind me very much of the design of the DIY kit that Mundorf offers on their WEB site. I say DIY, but to me the Ps Audio Sprout speakers look like the better deal.

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Yes, well stated. I have no beef with PSA at all. I very much enjoy their equipment, and admire both Paul and his company, and the company policies and philosophies that he has created. It just seems like a real missed opportunity for the company to sort of “finish what they started” with the Sprout concept. The Sprout speaker seems pretty straight-forward design wise (again, the similar ML Motion series speakers are wonderful), and, as mentioned above, could provide a substantial source of revenue to develop upcoming projects. Not to mention if the Sprout speaker performed well, as I’m sure it would, it could help establish PSA as a legit speaker manufacturer (look at what quality, affordable speakers did for ELAC). The Sprout speaker concept first appeared, what, over a year ago? Seems like enuf time for that design to come to fruition.
Again, I am moving up from Sprout (but keeping it setup elsewhere!), but this has been a sticking interest to me.
All is well.