PS Audio $600 Speakers?

In his ask Paul question on Oct. 5 concerning DAC’s, Paul mentioned that they are working on $600 speakers that would match up well with the Sprout. Does anybody know anything more about these speakers?

Still in the works. Here’s a rough picture of the cabinet and empty drivers. Ignore the cabinet behind Sprout Speaker.


Paul, thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I discovered your ask Paul and Paul’s daily posts about a year ago, and I really enjoy them! I love the way that you and PS Audio work, and I wish that more companies were as open as yours. Most PSA gear is above my price range now, but I wanted to support you and I did get two of your power cables. I am very interested in this new speaker. Please keep us up to date! Do you have an estimate for when it might be available? Thanks. Matt


Thanks, Matt. Not at this moment. The second round of prototypes are on their way to us now and we have a lot of work to do designing the crossover. Hopefully we can see a finished version this year and production next year.

Thanks, Paul. I will eagerly await news! I live in North Carolina and don’t get out to the west often, but I sure would love to visit PSA and listen to your IRS speakers!

You’d be most welcome.

Wow Paul, that looks like some downright incredible build quality for 600 bucks :astonished:

Nice wood finish and lots of aluminium. A massive die cast basket for the bass driver and something that looks like an AMT tweeter? Haven’t seen anything like that in that price range ever. Impressive value for money.

If you can achieve a similar value for money with the AN1, AN2 and AN3 … damn :grinning:

Keep it up! Wish you the best!

We’re trying, sir. Giving it our best shot. Thanks for the kind words.

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Have you considered a version which incorporates electronics? It seems like the Sprout100 and this speaker could make a very nice combination and leverage your companies expertise on the electronics side of things.

Keywords - “Phase Coherent?”

Is there any advantage to the sound stage and imaging when a speaker is not phase coherent?

Hi Paul…

I am assuming this will be a ribbon tweeter? Or, will it be a folded tweeter, like we see with some speakers these days?

From Georgia, Gene Z.

Folded ribbon, like an AMT.

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Back in the 70’s I worked for someone who was one of the first audiophiles. The likes of Bud Fried and Mr. Cook from KEF visited our store. One day in walks a sales rep who wanted to demo the new ESS Heil driver speakers. He made a recording right there in the room, and then A-B’d the live vs playback. I think I even auditioned a pair in my home listening with refurbished Mac Tube equipment. It showed promise in the area of superior airiness, but something was not right. Never bothered since with any speakers having that kind of a tweeter.

Maybe I should give it a try in the future if you find it warrants merit in your design. I know you endorse ribbon tweeters. But, from what I have read, they are different sounding than the AMT.

What are we to expect? I have learned that coloration is fine with me as long as the sound is satisfying.

Speaker technology, including AMT tweeters, has moved forward and improved in 40 years.

I figured that was most likely the case… I would not be inquiring otherwise.

Just wondering what aspects have been addressed since then. Lately, I have been learning towards trying something with a ribbon tweeter for a desk top nearfield experience. As far as I am concerned I am listening to one of the best dynamic drivers with my Audience 1+1V2’s. Yet, the little exposure I have had with Heil and Maggies have left an impression that just won’t go away, hoping as long as the bugs have been swatted since hearing them.

I suggest starting by reading some recent reviews.

Has your last experience with Magnapan also been 40 years ago? If so, go out and listen to current production.

I have a speaker size limit imposed because I live in an apartment. These speakers have to be smaller and desktop to keep my lease renewable.

Yes, the Audience’s are near-field.

There are a good number of excellent near-field speakers with folded ribbon tweeters, both pro and enthusiast.

You already see what kind of set up I am using. Can you name some quality names to look for, please?

What are you trying to accomplish? You have already some of the best, affordable near-field speakers. They will not be easy to better, especially as you already enjoy their sound signature.

I would only suggest adding a high quality subwoofer. With careful placement and balance this would add the bottom octave.