PS Audio AirLens

One of the two mconnect Control versions is what you need for the Conversdigital board in the Airlens. Which one depends on the device you are using as a control.


OK, that second app (m Control) is working now. I don’t know what the deal is here, then, as I’d tried this same app a few days in a row and always got a timeout from AirLens. I also see where I can set up WiFi if I ever need to. Last time I got this to work, it didn’t give me all of this information.

I can see why the app gets such a terrible rating (2.5 stars). It seems to work when it feels like it. :neutral_face: (Which is the same issue I had using it a few years ago–it’s fussy.)

I have never had that issue and it makes me wonder if your issues were related to network stability/unrelated to the mcontrol app.


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Would the config file on the AL be accessible via it’s IP address (as a way of inputting wifi credentials)?

I moved most of my ethernet connections to the Orbi and everything is working fine. The Orbi only has one ethernet output so from the Orbi it goes to a Cisco switch. Not sure the change made any difference in the sound, but I didn’t expect one.

After doing the above I did a firmware update via the MConnect app. The update seemed to load, but when it was done the app couldn’t find the AirLens. I checked the back of the AirLens and there was no indication of network activity so I rebooted via the power switch. It was immediately recognized by the app and I could see the firmware had been updated. Per the manual when using the dip switches to update firmware the unit is supposed to reboot automatically. Not sure if it applies to doing the update through the app, but always a good idea to do a power reboot. Sounds a little better with the new firmware!


I had the same experience yesterday updating the firmware via MConnect.

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Has anyone compared sound quality of local files (preferably WAV) played back over USB from a Mac vs. the Airlens out to USB?

The AirLens does not have USB out: only I2S over HDMI cable or SPDIF coax out.

My question is: Has anyone compared USB out from a Mac Mini running on a linear power supply vs. using the network to send from the Mac Mini as a source to an AirLens and then on to a PS Audio DS MK2 DAC via I2S over HDMI?

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Paul’s axiom…network better than usb

You mean aside for me?


Indeed I recall your not being a fan of USB out from a Mac Mini running as a Roon core to the MK1 DAC. But I did not realize that you ran a Mac Mini on an LPS to test with a MK2. Though maybe replacing the SMPS of a Mac Mini with an LPS does not change its USB output particularly.

Just wish the ConversDigital module in the AirLens supported HQPlayer NAA. When contacted, the response from ConversDigital was along the lines of nobody uses NAA. So that is me then. Would appreciate if you mentioned to them that a couple of your customers have asked… There was at least one other above!

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so i gave the airlens some time to burn in. and compared it to the aurender n150.

AL improved in SQ over couple weeks. the aurender i think bested it in overall sound quality. but was close.

also, i started using ethernet cable rather than Wireless. made a big difference for AL. and of course the aurender requires it.

so i am keeping the AL now…using TIDAL. do enjoy being able to listen to and audition stuff.

thanks for helpful feedback.


Curious as to why you are keeping the AirLens instead of Aurender then…?

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cjbreeze, What DAC do you have? The Mk2? How are you hooking up the AL to the DAC? ( I assume you have an Ethernet connection of the AL to you network. ) How do you hookup of the N150 to the DAC?

Are you keeping your N150?

good question.

i felt the SQ of airlens in my ps audio system was so close to the aurender with i2s connection to MKll dac, and connected via ethernet instead of wifi that i weighed the additional cost of the aurender. 1400 with trade in for AL…3400 for aurender n150…so i went with the AL. sent the n150 back to upscale.


my system is MK2 dac. BHK pre amp…and BHK 250 amp. powered with P15. also have the perfectwave SACD transport! which is amazing playing anything! played through acoustic zen crescendo mark ll speakers.

sent the N150 back to upscale. weighed the additional $2000 over the AL (with my trade in). felt the AL won with all that considered for right now. and connected via ethernet, and i2s to dac. SQ of AL improved a lot after lots of hours on it. or my feeling anyway.

if that all makes sense?


A perfectly rational decision.

Looking forward to your additional listening impressions…


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