Airlens available

Hi there. Any one knows when the Airlens is available in Europe.?
And what about using the DirectStream DAC MK2 as a preamp.?

Sincerely kennet

Or the US? :grin:

It is currently unavailable anywhere, and no release date has been announced. Apparently PSA has run into set-backs due to supply issues, specifically necessary chips.

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You are welcome to read the well established AirLens thread.


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We don’t even know when the release date for the interim substitution (Bridge box) for the AL is even planned, nor the rough date for which the missing parts for mass production are announced.

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What’s the AiLens? Don’t remember.


AirLens? it has no inputs that I can use anymore. The new LUMIN U2 has a specific “USB to DAC” output, it looks intriguing! Rumor is it is exceptionally good, maybe even approach top of Innuos? :grin: :wink:


The AirLens is like a Lumin U2 mini or an innuos Pulse with less features and interfaces.


NOOOOOOOOO!!! Don’t read it.

We don’t need yet another victim to go down the rathole.

Good luck to you kind sir. You can wait and wait, or you can buy something available now and already be enjoying great SQ and explore a new full fledged music player.

Waiting seems so… unnecessary.


Hmm it seemed to have long expectations🤔

What about using the D2D mk ll as a preamp.?