PS Audio Customer Service Experience

This could go in System Photos but wanted to highlight PS Audio’s outstanding service.

Several weeks ago I decided my gear would look so much better all in black so emailed PSA and asked if they had a black chassis for a PWT. Well TJ emailed right back that they did happen to have one and we negotiated a very fair price. Well long story somewhat shorter the chassis had some mechanical integrity issues. Then TJ indicated they had a trade in black PWT due to return in a few days. Mind you this trade had all internals replaced within the past few weeks! Well my interest was peaked to say the least. It took a bit longer than originally estimated but I now have what amounts to a nearly new PWT in black at NO COST. I literally did not pay a penny for the unit or shipping in both directions. I sent my silver PWT back on PSA’s dime for full credit on the black PWT. Wow!

Really floored at PS Audio’s commitment to customer service and a special thank you to TJ Tomasetti and his colleagues.

Thanks again guys!


Nice looking stack and great story. Customer driven businesses will always survive and prosper.

Your experience is so very heartening to hear. I am glad that you took time to share for I have nothing but praise for the staff TJ, Kevin, James and Joey whom have been super nice to me.


+1 for the music choice. Can’t go wrong with Phil Collins-era Genesis.


And this reissue CD from Rhino is really something. Better than I hoped. I’ll be that duffus that buys used CDs to maintain my old school disc collection. Still a holdout on streaming. Managed to add Hifi Bluetooth interface and that’s enough to determine SQ and then buy CD or vinyl LP if it’s something special. I’m a control freak for sure. And I hate computers despite being an Engineer for 35 years.

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Roon + Tidal/Qobuz has improved my musical literacy 1000-fold, and sounds reaaaaally realllly good. Can’t some of that PS Audio stuff be used as a Roon endpoint?

(That said, I’m a vinyl nut. Three Thorens tables and a Linn and shoot me if I buy another.)

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Did I mention I HATE computers?

I guess the Bridge 2 can but the interface through MConnect is supposed to suck royally.

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I run it off a Mac, which is more of a lifestyle appliance than a computer. :grin:

But i’ll agree with you on the customer service part. I demo’d a stellar stack, including the phono stage, and James was more than gracious when I had to send it back. Just too much stack for my space.

I just know I’m gonna buy the phono stage again, tho. It really sounded great.

PS Audio’s customer service is first rate. No question about that.


Server running roon. I hardly even think of it as a computer since I VERY rarely have to interact with it.

This why I only buy audio products from the one and only - uncle paul. Their team doesn’t just make great electronics, they also treat you like family. Thanks for sharing the story.


I’m looking forward to the experience of sending my naughty DMP Mk.1 back and receive the perfect, shiny DMP Mk.2 at NO COST. That will be worth opening a bottle of Krug Rosé…

When is the Mk. 2 supposed to come out?

I don’t know, I think it was mentioned somewhere that it’s release is planned for June or so… can’t find it right now, no time to search, sorry.

I mostly just want to buy a used mrk 1 when the new version comes out. People must really like the original…i can’t seem to find any on the used market.

You know about the functional problems it has?

I do not…what are some of the issues?

I will probably be scolded for repeating the same things over and over, beating a dead horse, having a “vendetta” against PSA, etc etc. But I will nevertheless inform you. Just have to go now, will post later today…

Yup, the new transport is in development and it will play SACD etc. It should reach beta testing in spring and release sometime this summer.