Ps Audio Gain Cell Dac and the difference between transformer versions?

I received a PS Audio Gain Cell Dac device in the Japanese market 100 V. I noticed that the transformer image of this device is different from the images published online. Apparently on some pictures I see that it is powered by a transformer from Noratel. Can someone tell me the reason and the quality difference between them?

We use two main vendors for transformers, and move between them as supplies and transportation avail themselves. We have done extensive listening tests between the two and there are no sonic or measurable differences.


Thank you for your explanation. So using a Noratel or “no brand” transformer is a coincidence, right? by observing I see that the noratel version is quite well done and looks nice compared to the rest. Hope that the results of the measurements will also be proportional to the durability.

How do you know its a “no brand” transformer from the photos you provided? As the brand name is usually on the side you have no way of knowing what brand the transformer in the second photo is. I don’t seem any difference in implementation other than the fact the cables in the second photo have extra insulation on them.

Here are two other transformers from the same vendors that were designed for the TSS and then used in the DS Mk II as well. Like those above they are designed to a spec (mine in this case) and tested by ear and by Audio Precision when used in the real product(s). In my case I wanted four outputs that are identical so I can mix and match them for different voltages in various products I designed (and am designing.) As Paul mentioned: tho they may be of different heights and circumferences, they work identically, and you do want backups for supply related reasons.


Hi Paul,
I made the voltage conversion from 100V to 230V with support from the technical team from PS Audio. Very satisfied with the detailed and quick support.
One strange thing is that when I use 230V voltage without a transformer, the sound becomes rich, vivid and remarkably detailed.
My diagram:

  • Furutech socket on the inside of the wall.
  • 1 Inakustic 4500 power filter
  • Isolation transformer 230 - 100V (I have removed it for now)
  • Inakustic power cord
  • PS Stack
    This got me thinking about the effect of 230V power (Lower current (I) than when using 100V) and the effect of voltage on the material used to make the wire. Maybe with a voltage of 230V the conductor will transmit electricity more effectively. Right?

I think what you are seeing is that without the stepdown transformer it sounds better which will always be the case regardless of which way you’re going.