Wonder on quality of PWD MKII!

I bought the used PS Audio PWD MKII from a member of Audiogon, when received the toroidal transformer was loose and completely came out of the wax glued with screw. I figured out the transformer was designed not come with the thread plate to fasten down for secure. It’s looks very cheap for me and feeling wasted money when bought a Hi-End DAC for $5,000.

The transformer basically will stay just fine but when on transportation it will probably loose, so if somebody want to buy the used PWD DAC please be careful, just think twice before buy it. I already contact ps audio for replacement the transformer, cost me $22.50 plus shipping, it’s not bad for an “Hi-end” DAC.

I hope the new products from PS Audio don’t used the same transformer.

if someone concerned on this topic I can send the pictures of the damaged I have on PWD MKII.