PS Audio Elite Amplifier

Hi to each and every one I hope your all safe and well,

Two days ago I purchased a faulty PS audio Elite Amplifier, the board responsible for volume and balance has caught fire on one of the channels, I don’t have it in my possession yet as it was an over seas purchase from Germany, the board looks toasted on one channel but that did not put me off being an engineer of 25 years no doubt I can work out the components from the adjacent channel, but it would be nice to have a manual or schematic on this amplifier its early 70s I know as its featured in the write up of the first amps constructed by PS Audio, and never having owned a piece of audiophile equipment before so I grabbed the opportunity with this one it was priced at a staggering EUR999.99 I am pleased to say I got it for less, I do have a love for most audio products pre dating the 80s as they were designed to be repaired I am keeping this short and sweet, would anyone have a Manual or schematic for this Amp or indeed any information that may help me on this quest to repair it back to its original glory. Many thanks Andrew…



Welcome Andrew! I just sent you an email with all of the documents I have for that guy. Best of luck with it!


Thank you Jamesh, I so appreciate this you sir are a gentleman and a Scholler
Ill let you all know how I have got on with this when

Thanks again !!!


Wishing you the best of luck with your project. We would love to hear from you when you are finished.

Gee, I hope you got for a WHOLE lot less! I have an Elite integrated (amp & preamp in one chassis, I assume yours is an integrated too) that died many years ago. I attempted a fix, but sadly, I’m a mechanical guy not an electronics guy, and was not successful. I’ve had it sitting on a shelf for way too many years. If you need a parts unit let me know.

Hi there, thanks for your email, yea they were trying it on with that price I got it for 50 euros what would you want for the unit ?

I couldn’t in good conscience charge you for it, other than the cost of shipping. I’m in Michigan so let me know via private message (click on my avatar, the “P”, next to my username) if you want to do this and where I will be sending it to get a shipping estimate. Getting this to a good home is all I want to do.

Wow!! fairplay I am super stoked by that if this happens that will make my year and its been a bad one ill get on line in a bit but my postcode is NP123SX south wales great Britain.

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Thank you for your good wishes, I will keep everyone posted with my progress vids and pics :slight_smile:

Pmotz, I did the click on (click on my avatar, the “P”, next to my username)I don’t yet get the option to do a PM most likely due to me not yet earned the ability, I would be happy to give you my email address on here if that will help, its on my website so no issue with that provided I don’t break any rules, on the forum of course :slight_smile:

Quite coincidentally I just sent you a PM! It should show up on the top of the page next to your avatar (at least it does on my iPad, my PC was not laid out quite the same).

@portersat you should be able to send a PM now.

Thank you Elk Ill try later :blush:

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