PS Audio or AudioQuest?

Is there a difference between the PS Audio PERFECTWAVE and AudioQuest Thunder Power Cable (Except the Logo :roll_eyes: )

No, it is just that we curated it specifically for our products. It’s the same as any Audioquest Thunder.

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Thanks very much !

And we love that about PS Audio!

Audioquest is a right proper company just like PS Audio!

I have great respect for Audioquest and have my entire system wired with AQ interconnects. Haven’t had any experience with their power conditioning products. I have had PS Audio P500, PPP and now P5 power regenerators. The P5 is a huge leap over the PPP. If I ran my modified McCormack DNA-1 along with the rest of my system off the PPP, the regenerator shut down! So while I had the PPP I ran my amp off of conditioned power via a PS Duet.

With the P5 I have my whole system running off regenerated power using 34% of its capability. This leaves plenty of headroom for demanding musical passages. The sound is clean, open and dynamic. The regenerated power contains only .1% THD.