Audioquest VS Analysis Plus

Anyone have any direct experience with newer Audioquest storm series power cable vs the Analysis Plus Power Oval cables?

No one has any input?

That’s a pretty specific request.


If you don’t mind talking to a dealer then call Mike at Suncoast Audio in Sarasota. He carries AP, Audioquest, Shunyata and Wireworld and was a PSA dealer until they were all eliminated. What he recommends seems to be based on the gear involved but he should be familiar with the attributes of both. AP is what MSB recommends for their gear.

The AP seems to have an interesting conductor shape.

I recently started using AP Yellow Oval guitar cables, which are clearly superior to anything that I’ve tried before.
Of course, this means nothing re your question, but …

The other power cable I am considering is the WW SILVER ELECTRA 7, but since all WW cable are 12 gauge I wonder if it’s the best choice for amps and power conditions which draw more current.

and MSB is correct!

i’ve had very bad experience with AQ owner in NOT giving me what i had paid for and telling me to go f*ck myself and change the design of my room to accommodate the wrong lengths provided by them…i also had to terminate some of the speaker wire runs myself, because it left their facility incomplete as well…a $30,000 order, via The Cable Company in 1991…The Cable Company was not part of the problem…the solution was to suffer with their ineptness because i am physically unable to rewire as was done, especially when i was offered nothing but bad attitude as compensation … i did pocket the loss…i had bought their then top of the line Dragon speaker wire (maybe name not complete…in my old age and anger…can’t remember)…

never a problem or bad word with AP, a technically superior company…and nice guys to boot…

Mark Levinson’s sales manager, at the time, also approached them with my personal concerns and was told another Expletive …
Wadia also approached them at another convention, on my behalf…Yep, you guessed it…another Expletive was offered to them as well, on my behalf…

how do companies like AQ stay in business???

check out AP technology:

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I think I’ll order the AP from my local dealer. I have to decide if I order the AP or the WW???

I placed an order for a pair of Analysis Plus Power Oval 2 MKII

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I think I’m going to try the Wireworld Silver Electra for my preamp. I use the Electra now and I like the sound or should I say lack of. Very neutral cables.

Two days of the Analyis Plus power cables on my BHK 300 pair. I have to say the clarity and extra resolving sound is amazing. I had been using Wireworld Stratus and also Voodoo Fire before. I like the AP’s alot for the money. Not crazy expensive. and 10 gauge seems to be fine.