PS Audio P-1000 service after 10-15 years?

Hi All, I am wondering if a P 1000 from 2015 should be serviced. Specifically, I am thinking it should be recapped. I’m not sure if the unit Has caps but want to assume so. And, how can you tell if it needs to be services. Please share your opinions on this.

I’d call PSA technical services. The need to recap will depend on the unit’s duty to date, as in light, moderate or continuously powered up.

Thanks for suggestion. I would say there is at least 6000 hours. I am impressed by your posts by the way.

It certainly could have been sitting in someone’s warehouse for a few years, but my guess is that P1000 is closer to 10-13 years old. We discontinued production of them much over 5 years ago. It is at that age that re-capping would be a good idea. Our service department is no longer able to work them because we aren’t able to source the boards anymore. Any electronics shot would be able to do the re-capping for you. If they need the schems for it, our service team would absolutely be able to provide them for you.

Thanks James, this is very helpful. Best bet is to get a new one.

@jamesh. Hey James, is there a reason why PSA dorms not have a to toroidal transformer based power conditioner products as an option (purely analog option)? I see your power conditioners as amplifiers that produce sine waves instead of music. Just curious before philosophically. Thanks

We do have a great traditional conditioner called the Dectet. It’s great, but the regenerators perform much better than it. Very stable voltage regulation and a low output impedance are what make the regens stand out. I’m sure our team could design a conditioner that outperforms the Dectet, but I think Bob and Co. would much rather spend their time making the regen design more efficient with better regulation. No power distribution, conditioner, or regen is perfect, but it’s MUCH easier for a regen to reach near perfection.

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@jamesh I am further more curious here. So would like to ask… do the toroidal transformers also provide voltage regulation? That’s my basic understanding without googling it. Thanks

Almost no conditioners out there are able to regulate the voltage. I think there are a few out there, but I’m not familiar with any specifics.

This is one of the biggest benefits of the regens essentially being an amplifier inside. If the utility is providing less than 120V which I know Xcel does for my house, the regen is able to bring it to a consistent 120. Also, various components can cause the voltage to sag for short periods of time. No matter what, the regen is able to keep it +/- 1V of where you have it set. A sagging voltage can have a pretty profound impact on the dynamics of the system.