PS Audio P1000.


I had my Cary 2A3 SE mono blocks, a Cambridge cd player and a ViVa preamp with its power supply. All of those took only less 300W from PS1000. Problem is power plan P1000 blew all my system fuses and caused my mono block transformers arched and making pop noises which could deem all display led lights from CD and preamp. It happened every other day or some time in less 2 hours playing. Fuse are blown more frequently lately.

I took out the P1000, system running ok for a week.

Three days ago I plugged CD and preamp back to P1000 in one out let receptacle with Twave. Both CD and preamp’s fuses are blown in 1 second. After that P1000 display Fault. Turn it off and on again P1000 is ok. I plugged again CD and Preamp to another receptacle, they are working fine until now. I will try to plug them to another receptacle to see if fuse will be blow again.

P1000’s 15A main fuse blown one time. 3 times display fault . Seem like P1000 is having an issue. May be there is a short some where in P1000. Please help!!!



Have you manually checked the output voltage? If a Power Plant was causing my equipment to blow fuses I would disconnect everything until the fault is identified and repaired.



I did not check the output voltage since this only happened intermittent so can not do it.

I have contacted PS Audio and with very helpful supports. They advice that P1000 sounds like its output capacitors drying up and as loosing charge it can produce vary level of failure. The service is complete with cost is $600 include fully inspection and replace if needed also upgrade some parts which is very good. Only thing is the shipping would cost me $800. They suggest me to find local repair shop and they will provide schematic and documents.

I am requesting the schematic and will try to find local repair shop to do this now.



Good luck. Let us know how it turns out.


I sure will after get answer for schematic and parts from PS Audio.

Thanks again.


I sent my P-1000 [aka The Tank] about a month ago for the PSA treatment and what was returned to me is far better than new. I am not sure everything of they did, but it was well worth the $600.00.