P5 Short Circuit out of the blue

I leave my gear on all the time and my P5 feeds my PWT/PWD combo, my preamp, my phono stage and my turntable. The power amps are not on it. This morning I hear a loud pop and these components shut down. No music playing at the time. The display on the P5 indicated ‘short circuit’ so I checked everything, no loose connections, all cables seem fine, and it powered up again on first try. No big deal, I hope, but I’ve read others reporting this and suggesting there might be a an issue in the P5. I have not updated firmware or anything like that, no changes to the system in months and generally, the P5 has been flawless since I got it (trading up over the last 15 years from a PowerPlant to a PPP to the P5). If it’s a one off, I will be happy but in case there is something I should be checking, please advise.




Given the unit is chipped controlled it is entitled to be flaky at some point. If the indication does not return I would not give it any further thought.

Hopefully someone with actual knowledge will chime in.

I have two P10’s showing the short circuit warning and shut themselves off before. It happened occasionally first and got more and more frequent. Eventually the output modules of both P10’s had to be replaced. Luckily it is still within 3 years warranty (only just), so it was free.

I guess your P5 is following the same fate.

OK, this is what I was worried about. Guess I should contact PS Audio directly then.

Reported it, and was told to keep an eye on it so that if it happens increasingly I should let them know. Sadly, my registration for this and all my other PSA products online has been lost in transition so not sure how it falls in warranty timeline. I bought one early as a trade up from my PPP so am not sure if I’m on the hook for a repair or not. Hopefully I won’t have to find out. Thanks for the help folks (I actually have been on this forum for years, on and off, but it’s good to still be a ‘newbie’ :)

In the worst scenario they will go by manufacture date of your unit. Might help if your original bill is a later date.