New Stellar PP3 Blowing Fuses In Preamp And Stellar Phono

Last week I installed a brand new PP3 powering a PrimaLuna Preamp, Stellar Phono, Cambridge CXU, and VPI SDS. Worked like a charm for about 24 hours, then I noticed a loud buzzing coming from the Stellar Phono, and the status light was flickering between green, yellow and red. Shortly after the fuses blew in the preamp and phono.

I powered everything down and unplugged the PP3 to let it reset. When I powered it up again the light was solid green, so I went through the process of first attaching the preamp to it and then the phono (powering everything down first) and all played fine for about 45 minutes, but then the fuses blew again. The phono did not make the buzzing sound again, nor did the PP3 lights flash. I’ve contacted PS Audio but have yet to hear back on their thoughts. Very frustrating as I went though this years ago with the Power Plant Premier, when it took four units before I got one that worked properly. I hope this is just an aberration.

Welcome @thegage1 !

Very frustrating, certainly.

I hope it is easy and quick to resolve.

Hope they weren’t SR Purple fuses or something expensive like that :^ /

Fortunately just the fuse that came with the PP3!


D’oh, I meant that came with the PrimaLuna and Stellar Phono.


Send them back to PS Audio Technical Service fo repair or replacement. Something isn’t right.

Yes, I contacted service and am waiting for them to get back to me with return information.

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I wish you luck and timely resolution. You’d think they would issue a RMA on the spot with Fedex shipping labels. It would be more convenient for your and more efficient for them.

Is the “PURPLE” fuse expensive ? i intent to buy some to upgrade the stellar stacks, will the upgrade improve the sound much?

Fuses are the one tweak that I don’t switch in and out ad infinitum to A/B, so I just tend to kind of go on faith as far as sound improvements. I believe the Purple’s are all $200 each.

They did finally send me a label via email, but if I hadn’t called I suspect it would have been another week or more before they got back to me since they were saying they are very backed up.

I don’t know yet what’s wrong, but now it doesn’t matter, since I took the opportunity to upgrade to the P12. It’s performing flawlessly, and no more fuses blowing.


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