How many P10 fuses

Dear friends, can anyone tell me if the PS Audio P10 has an internal fuse in addition to the 5amp slow blow (USA) /3amp slow blow (UK) which is accessed via the back panel?

It does not.

Thanks for the speedy reply, Paul.
Sadly, that confirms that I’ve blown my P10 up having just got the thing back from repair. I think one of my power amps is causing the P10 to blow the regen boards. Oh well, back for repair she goes.
Kindest regards

Sorry to hear Frank. It’s pretty hard for downstream gear to blow the output of the P10. If the amp is pulling too much current, then the P10 should go into protection mode.

Ohhhhh, sorry. That’s a bummer.

I think I’ve located the component that’s causing the problem. I have two power amps connected to zone B. They only draw 30 amps each according to the P10 display. The power supplies For these amps, which do the heavy lifting as regards output, are connected to the High currant zones. After tripping the protection at start up, this morning, l restarted the p10 by turning It on via the master switch and turned on the zones manually. I then turned on the components one by one. I got as far as zone B where turning on the second amp caused the P10 to shut off again. This time, however, it didn’t restart. The fuse still has continuity but the unit appears dead.

I wonder if whatever’s plugged into that zone or its power cable might not be at fault with a short or trouble.

I agree. I believe I’ve narrowed it down to my right hand power amp. I’ll obviously need that sorted before I connect it back up again.
Could you give me a steer as to what is happening to the P10 to cause it to short circuit and blow the regen boards? Too much currant being drawn when the amp turns on? I want to give the engineer as much info to track and repair the fault as I can.
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