Soooo, getting feet wet - try a used p3?

Hey all. I’m fairly new to ps, but have become a fan for sure! Love the s300,which convinced me to get rid of my money pit arc vt100, and shelve several solid state amps. Only wish I had gone for the monoblocks - my various dynaudio speakers are just hungry hungry hungry

I also have the nu-wave phono converter, replaced a McCormack micronphono and damn! Did my records come back to life! Haven’t exploited all of its features yet, but it does allow me to have my rega rp6 on the other side of the house with the nu-wave, running digital back to the main system with no dedgredation of sound that I can tell, awesome. Going to start lp to Mac someday…

Also have a dectet.

Wondering if I should get into the regeneration arena, as I see a few p3s that I could afford. The s300 would be the main amp, which I believe the p3 can handle, and have an emotiva xpa2 running 4 x 15” infinite baffle subs (so awesome, so ridiculous) that would be fine running the filtered power.

The power is mmmm, ok, more or less at my place. Not great, line fluctuations exist, though I’m on a 20a dedicated, the whole 100yr old farmhouse fluctuates in all ways shapes and forms, but it is a new panel and Romex so it could be worse, but…

Do I stand to gain a lot of ??? Here if i go with p3? Or should I hang with dectet and go for a p5 when feeling flush? Not dying to spend money, certainly not if it doesn’t help me out, but wondering if I’m missing out on another if not THE big ps audio advantage…

Thanks for weighing in!


The newer versions of the P5 and P10 are due out in April. That means there will be a lot of used P5 units in the marketplace as people sell to upgrade. No idea what your budget is but if it were me and I was good with buying used I would go for the P5.


The difference between your S300 running into a Power Plant vs. into the wall is quite significant. I would tend to agree on this one. Definitely something you want to take advantage of, used or new.

I own or have owned Duet, Dectet, PPP, P3, P5 and P10. If you want to get your feet wet with power regeneration then P3 is the perfect place to start.

Thank you Paul! I appreciate you answering the question I should have asked. I’m sure it’d be even more substantial on the monoblocks! Justify, justify, justify. Honestly, another s300 and power plant may be the best choice. Aside from my dyn focus 140s, other off the shelf speakers I have are bi-wire/ bi-amp capable, and those I plan to build will almost all be active / passive hybrids - so the more channels of these gems made better by a power plant, the better in the murky world of diy speakers…