PS Audio PWD Mkii pops when skipping songs


I am a proud owner of a psaudio pwd mk2, but iam having a problem when I skip a song the speakers make a high frequency popping sound. And you hear a click on the inside of the dac, may be some relays switching or something. I want to know how to fix this because it doesn’t sound if it will do any good to my Tweeters.

Gr nick

Are the songs you are playing of different resolutions?

Yes they are

It happens when using the bridge and USB streamers. When skipping songs the pops and clicks are loud.

Any idea?

@Buisiking did you ever sort this out? I have the same problem. Sent it in twice and they say it’s fine. They say the problem is my highly sensitive speakers.

No they didn’t, I sold my psaudio and bought a moon 380d couldn’t be happier! Much better sonics and real high ress :ok_hand:t3:have had pwd mk2 and directstream but now I heard the moon products I never go back that’s for sure.