PS Audio repair/replacement tracking

When a newly purchased PS Audio component is sent in for repair… wouldn’t it be reassuring to get confirmation that:

  1. Unit was received by PS Audio
  2. Unit was evaluated by a technician and preliminary findings are_____
  3. Repair or replacement has been initiated
  4. ETA for shipment back to customer

It might be too much to expect an online repair tracking system to be available to customers, but at least an email here and there would be nice.




What broke?

I completely agree with you.


I would find 1 and 4 sufficient, although in my experience few companies tell you this much.


I let the smoke out of my new P12 and released some pixies. It shouldn’t take more than a week for PS Audio to replace the smoke, right? Although, those angry pixies might be difficult to wrangle back in.

The P12 had some mechanical fan noise at idle. I disconnected the unit and turned over to inspect. Turned upright again and powered on unit, spark, flash, and smoke. Something shorted out the unit, hmmm.

Since you put it that way, I would be satisfied with a postcard on my birthday :slight_smile: Albeit, I’ve been accused of practicing unbridled idealism.


How new is newly purchased? if it was within 90 days, I would expect replacement.

I had it for a week. I was hoping for an immediate replacement but I didn’t push for that. PS Audio received the unit back 8 days ago. I am continuing to be patient considering likely staff vacation absences and perfect wave sale ops tempo.

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A week is still early. I am sure they do not have a large “fix it” staff. I just sent my CR-1 to JL in FL. they had it for 2.5 weeks before it was fixed. plus week to get there and 4 days to get back. Aug 4th - 28th.


Tried to get an appointment for my annual physical; October 27 is the earliest. Need to take my Subaru in for some work; earliest opening is in 3 weeks.
Yup, things take time.

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I have a more basic information need I have never seen anyone in the industry provide. How about in the field statistics on product failure rates publicly available to existing and prospective customers? I had read this question came up once at a show discussion panel and everyone on the panel agreed the industry steadfastly refuses to publish that information for the benefit of consumers. My perspective is the industry is way overdue for universal adoption of accepted standards for QA such as ISO. Which would at the very least impose some minimum standard for documentation and quality control in all phases of the product lifecycle, including support after the sale.

I’m off my soapbox again. For now.


So, the problem I am highlighting is not waiting per s, it’s communication. @Palouse, it’s one thing to call for an appointment and have to wait out three weeks with a date and time in hand. It’s another to sit in the waiting room and wonder if they even know you are there and if you have a place in queue.

The difference a 30 second acknowledgement email would make for customer experience! - “got your P12 today. It’s in queue for a tech to look at it. You can expect a 2 week turnaround. Thanks.”

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Got your point. I’m not so inpatient that I can’t wait and I know things take time. The point I failed to make clear is expecting a little bit of communication isn’t unreasonable given the newly purchased product was in my hands all of a week.



I hope your suggestion “has legs”. I proposed the same thing to the PSA folks earlier when I sent in a DSJunior for repair. PS Audio, for all of its relative size, presents itself as a boutique business that emphasizes its relationship with consumers. It is not unreasonable for them to acknowledge and update information on repairs. I wouldn’t expect that from behemoths such as Technics or NAD. It could be as simple as scanning the barcode on the device when it arrives…generating an acknowledgement. Another scan and an FYI generated when it is on the tech’s bench. Possibly a scan when it is finished on the bench…Just my two cents worth. Sharing further, the entire repair process (No communication) began me thinking about my commitment to PSA.