Sprout 100 Crackle at power on question

Greetings all,

I have had my Sprout 100 since last July. It has far exceeded my expectations every time I’ve played it, except for one minor issue.

Since first power up (and every power up since), there is a noticeable “crackling” sound in the left speaker. Past that moment, it’s just an amazing amp. Knowing PS Audio’s reputation, I’m pretty sure the startup “feature” is not by design.

My questions are

  1. Has this happened to other users?
  2. Is this potentially indicative of a larger problem that needs to be investigated?

Thanks for any knowledge that can be shed on the subject!

Hi TeddyB,

I’m glad you’re liking your Sprout100 so far! I spoke with the engineering team and it sounds like you’ve run into a small software glitch. It’s not a common problem, but we have seen it come up a couple times.

Nothing is wrong with your Sprout100 and it’s not an indication of a larger problem.

If you would like to get the software glitch rectified, our service team is happy to help out with that. Just send them an email at service@psaudio.com and they’ll assist you.

Thank you so much. I’ll work with the service team to get it rectified.

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It certainly isn’t a feature, but it’s not something I am familiar with either. I suspect it’s not injurious or getting worse, from your description, but we’re always available to have a look if you want to send it back to us. If it doesn’t grate on you too
much it’s fine to also leave it. Glad you’re enjoying Sprout!

Wanted to give an update. I sent the unit back to PS Audio last week and got it back yesterday. The service experience was everything you’d expect from PS Audio. The Sprout now powers up quietly, and continues to impress and amaze with every album spun. Thanks everyone at PS Audio for such a great product and great service experience!


I have noticed this too. How long would it take to fix?

It didn’t take them long at all. Most of the time was spent shipping back and forth. I was sproutless for about a week.