PS Audio Statement AC cord: Problem


Good afternoon,

I’ve been using various PS Audio AC cords, and a few of them are PS Audio Statement cords. As most of you know, this is an excellent product, but it is very stiff. In fact, it is not usable the way I planned with my new P10 power regenerator because the P10 is located close to the wall outlet, and it’s hard to bend properly into position. A somewhat more serious problem is that the IEC plug does not fit securely into the P10 female outlet. The Statement IEC connector is longish and just does not provide a sufficiently tight fit into the P10, so it keeps falling out.frown I’m tired of creating ugly supports under the AC cord to “fix” this problem, so for now I’m back to using a generic AC cord, which doesn’t sound as good but has the advantage of staying the heck plugged into the P10.

Who has had success with a high quality AC cord (similar quality as the Statement) that also gives a SNUG fit into the P10 IEC outlet and is flexible enough to get the job done? I’m out in the boonies, as it were. If I had a PS Audio dealer down the road, I’d go and see for myself!


Jim (goheelz)


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As far as the snugness at the IEC side, I’d suggest wrapping the end in Plumbers Teflon tape. It won’t hurt anything and you can add what you need for a snug fit. As for the wall side if you want to stick with the PSA cord you could re-terminate it with a right angle plug like this:

or a Hubbel brand one

Or an Audiophile version: ( at the bottom of the page)