PS Power Plant 15 eat all my midrange

Hi There.
Just bought a PS Audio Power Plant 15 to replace my AudioQuest Niagara 1200.
After set up (components Auralic Altair G1 and Pass Labs Int-60). The huge midrange I used to have is gone and music is lifeless. In order to get something out of music have to turn volume considerably higher than my liking and it is not enjoyable. After an hour got back to the AudioQuest. Any thoughts? This unit is several times more expensive than the AudioQuest, expected a big positive change. Help is appreciated.

How long did you allow it to settle in with the rest of the system?

Hi and thank you. The truth is I did not. After an hour I changed back. The unit was broken in at the dealer, about 25 hours. Should I leave it running with music for a few hours and get back to it?
Again, thank you for your time.

Oh yes, absolutely! 25hrs is certainly a start, but it’ll need more time. Not to mention the warm up time of the rest of the system after being powered down completely.

Is it normal for something like this to happen?

Not at all normal.


My P15 arrived 25 October. Burn-in took 100 hours or so. The following are my practices which may or may not benefit others:
I use the best power cord with the P15. I never connect analogue and digital devices to the same zone. I make sure power amps / integrated amps are connected to zones D and E only. Wall warts are connected to a separate power conditioner rather than power plant. Good luck.

Which power cord do you recommend?

Hi Freddy
I am using AudioQuest Monsoon XTRM (with Mistral Plugs) but people reported Pangea cables are a good match, but they they do not seem to come in US and Schuko plugs only. Also, I tested PSAudio AC5 and it is quite comparable to AudioQuest Monsoon. Again, new power cords took time to sound their best.

AQ Monson is my current cable for the PS and/or the Niagra… I guess I will let it run for a full day with the door closed and get back to it. I’m just wondering if I’m doing something wrong…

Have you connected it to online power play to monitor your distortion levels in and out?

Is the unit new or used?

Yeah, the Monsoon will be a great cable to feed the P15. I would also play around a bit with MW. I use strength 4 on mine.

Mine is set to 4 as well. Will keep it running for 24 hours on a loop at closed doors and get back to it tomorrow. Thank you all for your comments. If more ideas please do share.

Dealer demo with 25 hours of use

In 2.9%, out 0.1%

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freddygoldszmidt…don’t despair… my own P15 on initial set up and use
went from wow great to ho hum meh after a few short hours of use.

About a week later I powered down with the off switch in the back of the
P15. Let it settle a moment then turned the unit back on with the same on
off switch…

When I restarted all my gear my music came back to life even better than at
first. It has gotten way better since. I have my P15 since early October 2020.

My take is that the caps need burn in settling in time…for the most part
all my gear went either through short burn in time to very lengthy month
or more 24/7 on use to complete the process. The process itself
swing back and forth between glorious to yuck …repeating this cycle until
the desired results fully comeforth…and they will…

Just give it time…

Happy trails

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I agree with Mr Beef.
You describe a substantial reduction in sound quality and also volume and that doesn’t sound “normal”.
My P20 needed at least 100 hours to sound it’s best, BUT it sounded great right out of the box.
The improvement over time was (just for purposes of orders of magnitude) maybe the last 20%.

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Wrote to PS audio. Their sales manager suggests to send the unit to them from a checkup. Does it make sense or is it too soon to do that?

If what you describe in your OP is the situation, I would send it in. That ain’t right.

You might try plugging into the wall with no intervening power product, see if it’s relatively normal, then try the P15 again, and if it does what you describe, I’m guessing something’s broken.