Bought a PS Audio Power Plant 3 + Audioquest Thunder Power Cable. Where will I get more improvement w/ where I plug in the power cable?

So I just bought the PS Audio Power Plant 3, which will come in a few days, as well as the Audioquest 2m Thunder Power Cable. My system is a Chord HUGO TT2 to Cayin HA-300 SET 300b tube amp with Morrow Audio MAP 3 power cable into the Audeze LCD-3F headphone.

While I’m waiting for the Power Plant 3, I have a question. Will I get more improvement plugging in the $999 Audioquest Thunder power cable from wall to Power Plant and the $350 Morrow Audio MAP3 power cable to the Cayin HA-300 tube amp, or vice versa?

Will I get better sound having the more expensive Power Cable going to the Power Plant 3 or to the amp?

Rule of thumb is best cable from the wall to power plant.


Welcome Joey,
Use your best (EDTI: Best sounding) cable for the power plant, and second best for the DAC. You can play it by ear, but that can be done only after burn in (power plant: 100+ hours ; power cable: 200+ hours). Also, it is advisable to plug your digital gear farthest from your power amp which you’d plug into the high current zone. Enjoy.


I would try it one way and settle in and listen to some very familiar music and then reverse cords in the other position and listen again to the same music and whichever sounds more impressive to you is the right position for you. That’s how I usually do it. Good luck.


Best is not a universal thing. Brand X that is $1000 may sound better and synergize better than brand Y at $2000.

Yeah, already the Thunder cable on my HA-300 amp is already giving me so much more clarity, separation, texture, and tightness without going overly sharp grainy or harsh.

I can’t wait to get the Power Plant 3, but I may be tempted to buy a 2nd Thunder cable for the amp, too!


“sounding” was added for the avoidance of doubt. It was implied when I suggested he does it by ear and compare once burn in is complete :grin:

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My DAC is the Chord HUGO TT2, though, so I can’t use the normal power cable on it since it actually uses a switching power supply.

By the way, OT, anyone ever use an audiophile power cable to power their desktop computer if you’re streaming music from that computer? Do you also plug in your computer to a power conditioner?

Personally, I think computers themselves are a source of noise. Cleaning the computer’s USB output may be a safer bet. Moreover, I would not plug anything with a switching power supply into the power plant such as Roon Nucleus SMPS, router wall wart or computer SMPS.

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Oh this is new, how come it’s bad to plug in a DAC like the Hugo TT2 to the Powerplant 3?

As for USB, I’m planning to either get the Pink Faun or JCAT USB card with upgraded OXCO clock. Any experience with either?

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What I said above, was my practice only :smile: Though they add noise, SMPS benefit a lot from a power plant. Chord Electronics is a ++reputable company, so their SMPS must be well designed. You may want to test it with the P3, direct to the wall, or behind a conditioner and make the best decision. Your USB upgrades will make a lot of difference. Please look up the threads on the forum. All the best.

Suggestion: Purchase a good quality receptacle for the wall. Doesn’t have to a super duper $200 job, even a basic Hubbell hospital receptacle will ensure a good grip on your high quality AQ cable. I use Furutech FPX Cu (about $60 each - I have a quad receptacle setup) for the dedicated circuit and Hubbell for the support receptacles which are on a shared circuit. The heavy cables like to detach themselves from the wall due to weight.

If you’re good with simple electrical work, it’s an easy DIY. If not, hire an electrician. With that kind of upgrade you may even wish to hire an electrician to install a dedicated outlet which is not shared with other electronics around the house. Cheers. —Robert


The Caelin Gabriel founder of Shunyata shows his list of where power cords matter most in this video.

Best Cord power Conditioning, Amps, preamp all based on his testing.


In my system. I use the the best cords on the equipment side of the regen. I use an AC5 for wall to regen connections. I have a P5 and a P12.

Just curious, have you ever swapped the cables around and tried to listen for any differences in the sound?


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I’ve swapped cables right and left and up and down. Frankly the only issues I fight are the IECs and plugs wanting to come loose. I don’t hear that much difference. Sound quality wise they all seem pretty close. I am using good quality cords. AQ, Cardas, and homemade Furutech power cords with Fi-11 connectors. They’re all good cables. I don’t really expect much difference. The homemade ones go to the best stuff where possible.

I use the FP-S032N variant.


I have a PC dedicated for audio only use. I do use an aftermarket (Black Sand Audio) cable to connect it to a P5.

Curious if the modded DAC (spec. external analog LPS) will still benefit from the remaining system getting regen. I need to explore this.

This is why I oft say, for power cables, ampacity first, voltage drop second, and geometry last. All play a significant role.