PS Power Plant 15 eat all my midrange

Good test idea from Beef.

I’ve never heard someone claim their midrange completely went away after plugging their system into a well working P15.

I second this point. No power conditioners or anything should be in between the P15 and the wall receptacle feeding it.

Not what I meant, but that’s true too.

You mean his amp?

Yes. Plug the stereo into the wall like in the olden days. See how it sounds. Then put the P15 back in.

Hi and thank you all. I live in Florida where electricity is pretty bad. My a/b comparison is between the P15 and the Niagra. When I go from one to the other (not both at the same time) the sound with Niagra is several times better, which does not make sense to me.

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Hi Freddy. Yes, this doesn’t make sense to me either. My friend and fellow audiophile lives in Florida, too, and also has very unstable power (very wide voltage swings). I figured something he should get is a P15 to get a stable output voltage. Weird. I have a P15 as well and what you’re describing sounds nothing like what I get.

I get that the original question was in effect, “why does the Niagara sound better than the P15?” - but what you were last asking was, “should I send the P15 in?”. So trying to remotely diagnose if something is broken, and that isn’t a comparison with another product. I thought perhaps the comparison with the wall and the P15 might help clarify/answer that question.

If it is malfunctioning, I’d be looking askance at the dealer. Either he didn’t notice it was broken, or he did, and sold it to you anyway.

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I totally agree with RonP. I just got my P15 yesterday. it sounds so good right out.
Losing the mid range sounds made me think of the cables could be losing in some
equipment, could be from wall plug, amplifier … it did happen to me and it took 2 days
to do all the re-set up. Finally, I accidentally push the amplifier power plug, surprisingly
it was loosed. The plugs are still in but not all the way in. I solved my problems just like that.
it’s worth to try re-check the plugs.

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Great catch…saved a lot of other headaches.

Thanks Davida!

Thank you all for sharing your ideas. I exchanged emails with Paul and he explained that what I’m listening is what I would and it means the P15 is working properly. He says that Niagra enhances the sound a little and that is what I’m missing. That it might not be to my liking but that it is as it should. I will experiment during the long weekend. If not happy, there will be a P15 for sale soon if anybody interested.
Best to all

You know, I have never regretted going to more transparent equipment, that do not colour the sound. If I were you, I would persist a little. Once accostumed to the sound “truer to the source”, there is no coming back.

I have two big jumps in transparency: the first one was going from a pass labs xp30 preamp to a audio research ref6. and another going from the ARC to the nagra hd. Never looked back


Give your P15 a couple of weeks gear running 24/7 playing some music or
better still Chesky’s equipment and cable break in track on repeat…

Don’t sell it short…it will improve by quite a bit over time.

Happy trails.

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That’s just odd. Did you use different language with him than you did in the title of this thread and your original post? That is after all what we have to respond to. I’m still curious what the wall vs. the P15 sounds like to you. If it still eats your midrange, I think something is not right.

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How peculiar. Paul told you that the Niagara “enhances” the sound?

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I would try reversing mains polarity of the equipment. This needs some experimentation.

That is so worth repeating. When I replaced my Adcom GFP-710 preamp with the SGCD, it seemed like the highs were rolled off, and I wasn’t getting the same kind of bright detail I was used to. But a couple of weeks with the new unit and I came to the conclusion that it actually had a much more natural and lifelike presentation. I love it now, and would never go back.

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Word for word …The Niagra also has a bit of a glare that rides on the notes. This can be at first interpreted as making the midrange more pronounced, but in actuality it is something you don’t want…
I’ve been doing a/b comparisons and agree. I believe I will concur with jvvita and try to do more transparent. One thing that I appreciate right away is the silence, the black is much more pronounced (if thistles sense…).
In any event, again thank you to all, it will be a long listening weekend. Will report Monday if anybody is interested.
Best to all


We are definitely interested.

I like this phrase, poetic.