PS Sr Dac 3M Mod

I’m I doing this right?
Should also cover all the tiny black once… I have covered the bigger once and the transformer.

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Did you cover the bottom of the digital board? Did you use the 3m 7050hf?

Have you looked at this post?:

@vmax to the rescue!!!

Do we need to say his name three times before he shows up? :smiley:

That material looks copper colored? Is it lighting? Like copper conductive foil. You should be using 3M RF absorber AB6005S or the AB7050HF or still points ERS Cloth. The crystek component under the digital I/O gets a cover too I thought.

In general it looks located correctly. How about the Display board.

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Yes, it the light. Its silver colored and it’s 60005s.
I have put the picture on display board too… Please see my post again :slight_smile:

It looks pretty good. There is one IC not covered on Display board.

Depending how much material 6005S material you have left. You might seal the gps from PWB to sides of material around the output transformers. Plus place a strip of absorber across ribbon cables going to Analog card and video display of AB7050HF or AB6005S say 1/4 “ by width of ribbon to quiet noise from digital I/o traffic

The other thing i Did was place absorber sheet that connected back wall of case top and bottom over to power supply heat sink to absorb emissions coming off display over to the direction of the analog card. But that maight be overkill.

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