Can't get the DSD open

Am trying to open the PSAudio DSD in order to send in the analog board to get it modded with the Edcorr transformers.
I followed the instruction in this video. Opening the DSD

Even had 4 longer screws laying around that were correct size and screwed in. Pushed down from outside edge as the guy in the video did.Didn’t budge.
Then one of the screws popped through whatever it screws into inside on the cover frame. Pulled out the screw, but there is now nothing for it to screw into. I am sure if I could get one side of cover coming out the rest would be easy.

I am not a newbie to technology tasks and am comfortable doing most basic things- I have built tons of computers from scratch and modded guitar amps,etc

Have to say this cover design and removal process is less than well thought out. :frowning_face:
Anyway. Not sure what next step is.

I should add that the unit is a Perfect Wave DAC that was upgraded to a DSD Sr with a kit by the previous owner.

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Got it. I rewatched the video and I had removed the wrong screws which were there in the corners from the old rubber feet which were long gone.

Top came right off. LOL.


Good news!

Please let us know what you think of the mod when you get your DAC back together.

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Nice! You can circle those in Sharpie for the next time you have to take the top off. :stuck_out_tongue:

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While your in there change that digital fuse. Not as big an improvement as transformer but still a great transitional improvement.

The previous owner did change the fuse to a higher end one. Interested to see how this transformer modification improves the dac.

It is a phenomenal mod. I was one of early adopters. Probably best low cost tweak available and cheap compared to power cords and more impactful.

So far in tweaks and ability to notice i would say footers, fuses power cord and matrix equal or similar improvements. Next Regenerator. Then sunlight and RAL HDMI. On top by far margin XS4400