PS Sr DAC fuse upgrade

Is there a PS Sr DAC fuse upgrade mod?
I saw someone comment in a thread about this upgrade.

Modding the DirectStream DAC - #2336 by jkrichards – the mod index does not have fuse mod instructions.

Can someone help me?

Yes the fuse can be upgraded in the DSD. I have a SR Orange in mine many have stepped up to the newer SR Purple. The cover has to be removed to put new fuses in the DSD.

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@paul172 can you please tell me which exact purple fuse to buy?

Is it - 5A Synergistic Research Purple Quantum Fuse Small (5x20mm) 250v Slo-Blo: 5A

Also in the attached picture, where is the fuse located?

I see this post but can’t find where the fuse is exactly on above picture

There are two fuses but only the Digital fuse is active the analog is a spare. I hope I got that correct? @tedsmith can you advise? Thank you. I have to look up the size it is a 250 slow blow.

Here is a link to changing the fuse


Thanks @paul172

Reading more it looks like - Synergistic Research Purple Quantum Fuse Small (5x20mm) 250v Slo-Blo: 1A is the right configuration?

If there 2 and only 1 is active, then I assume I need to buy only 1 fuse and which of the 2 should I replace?

In 2015, @tedsmith says F1 is digital and that needs to be replaced. Is this still true with newer 2019 models?

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Yes, just the digital fuse is used.
The DS boards didn’t change from the first release to the last (except for things like capacitor substitutions, etc.) It’s still true that only the digital fuse is used.


There you go. Thanks @tedsmith you are always there for us!

Substantial improvement going from SR Orange to SR Purple in the Dac.
Its worth paying the extra for it.
Have one in my BHK Pre as well, again, big jump over the Orange.

I went from Black, to Blue to Orange and now Purple, guess Im a fan? :slight_smile:

no issues selling them on once you upgrade, but Purple is the best by far.

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Will 1A be enough? I thought it needed to be greater, like 1.5A.

@tedsmith kindly let us know if it’s 1A or 1.5+A?
I have ordered - Purple Quantum Fuse Small (5x20mm) 250v Slo-Blo 1A

I believe the spec is 1A slow blow, I use 1A slow blow, but I don’t use aftermarket fuses, so I don’t know if there are any other considerations there. The unit uses less than 30W.


Thanks Ted for confirming