Just purchased my Directstream MK 2 Dac

I’m sitting here typing and jamming to my Directstream 1…and wondering how much better the Directstream 2 can sound ??? I went from a Yiggy to the Directstream 1 and was blown away at the improvement. I’m beyond excited to get my Directstream Mkii.

Question- Should I get an upgraded fuse,the one I’m thinking is the SR Purple ? Is it worth it ?

Any and all suggestions and comments are welcomed. I’m moving up the PS Audio food chain…Can’t wait to try it out.


I suggest you do not get any fuse for the first few weeks to see how you like the sound after breaking in. There are users like Purple, M-1, or other fuses than stock fuses, and it is impossible to say which one works better in your system since some do not hear much difference.

I use Purple mainly because it made a major SQ improvement, but it was from FW 178. Your MK2 comes with 179 which has great details already, so Purple may improve it to a lesser degree. I have not gone back to stock fuse to compare, nor have I compared to M-1 again. In my system the Purple sounds great in MK2 so I do not plan to change.


Great info…Thank You

Now I remember I compared Purple to M-1 in MK2 briefly (only a few days ago to help out vmax).

In direct comparison of the two in MK2, M-1 sounds fuller, richer, and warmer than Purple. Purple sounds brighter (in a very good way) in high and mid frequencies. I like it in MK2 better becuase MK2 sounds full and rich already. Purple makes the whole presentation better to my liking in balance and warmness in my system. When I listen to DSD128 and especially DSD256, the system sounds too warm with M-1 in it. It felt the sound is more analog than analog.

But in a different system one for sure would reach a different conclusion. I think if you want to try a audiophile fuse, I will start with Purple first.

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Pilling on with basically the same advice. Hold off and try upgraded fuses, if you want, after several days of the MKII settling in. I am ultimately going to try the Purple and MI as well. Despite all our jawboning, they are both good, but different. The best being really personal taste and synergy. The MKII is so much cake you may not need more icing.


I ordered mine last week. Just wondering when it will ship. Hoping this week.


My suggestion to you is to wait 500 hours. Just slip the MKII into the spot where your MKI is and just listen. After that, I suggest you go through your speaker set-up and perhaps you’ll find a change in toe-in may make another appreciable change. After that go crazy with fuses, cables, etc…

Congratulations and have fun!


Great advice. The two DACs are more similar than not. But speaker readjustments are on par as is a long break in. 179 firmware can be tamed for sounding too hot. I think those with tubes in their system will find it an easier adjustment Thinking it is done changing is a mistake until hundreds of hours. If you’re all solid state, bring out the cables, fuses and isolation tricks. But it is possible to make it sound amazing.

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We will be shipping quite a few DAC MK2s this week.



Just got my initial FedEx tracking notice for arrival on Saturday! Happy, happy, joy, joy!


Congratulations @67Checker! I am looking forward to your thoughts about the MKII.

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Another expression of anticipation. My REL s/510 subs land Friday and the mkii on Saturday. Do you think I will replace both at the same time….hell yes I will. Not interested in an experiment, life is too short. I want better music now.


You will have a great New Year!! Congrats!

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Have a pair of 812’s. You are going to LOVE your new toys.

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My new MK2 is supposed to be here on Friday. I was not expecting anything for a couple of weeks. This weekend should be fun!


That is going to make a fantastic way to ring in the New Year! Congrats!

I’m looking forward to it These PSA DAC’s (and other gear) are a little temperamental from time to time but my very unscientific comparisons lately have the PSA gear whipping it up on the mid-hi dollar units.

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Ugh. Wednesday and no shipping notice.

My Mk2 is also due Friday. I’m extremely excited. Hope FedEx doesn’t let me down.