PS5 in Japan (100V)?

Hi all.

I’m thinking about buying a PS5. I live in Japan, which has both different voltage (100V) and probably insane markups.

So, I’m thinking about buying a PS5 back in the States and bringing it back with me.

Would a stock US PS5 work OK on a 100V power system?

Thanks a lot!


It might be marginal because Japanese P5 are designed to work at lower voltages - though their upper limit includes most of the US unless yours has a high enough margin. There’s a very good chance it would be fine, and if the voltages were compatible, then you’re ok.

Paul, thanks for the reply. Turns out that a PS5 in Japan is only about $3200, which is not that much markup. You chose a good distributor over here! I’ve seen some truly horrendous profit-grabbing markups.