Perfectwave P5 in diffferent countries

I decided to by a power plant to my audio system and PerfectWave will be my choice. Since I will buy it in Hong Kong but in the future that set up will move to Brasil, I’ve wonder if will be any problem using that PerfectWave back in Brasil. ( ). If so PS Audio could provide any kind of solution, update or upgrade firmware.

Thank you

Apart from any voltage differences you need to know what type of power cable ends you will be using. I had to order a 230v P5 because I live in Australia but with US style receptacles because I use all US power cables. You just don’t seem to be able to get Hi-End power cables terminated with Oz style plugs.

You better make double sure you order the correct P5 for your needs.

Brazil’s a funny country in that it has two voltages within the same country. But if you’re in the 230 volt part of Brazil, you’ll be fine.