Upgrading disc transport

I am looking for an upgrade to my current CD transport. I have about 1500 CDs, and around 50 SACDs. I love spinning real discs, and do so several times a day on my main system, so please no ‘rip it and serve’ comments (they’re already ripped for rest of house streaming anyway).

Current transport is a Cambridge CXCv2. I’m fairly bought into PS Audio gear. I use a DirectStream Jr DAC to feed a BHK pre-amp and a pair of M700s to B&W CM10S2s. I love the BHK pre and plan no changes there, maybe ever.

I like the idea of SACD capability, but am okay playing the few I have via DAC, ripped, if the best route is to focus solely on red book.

I’m considering three options, and would love to hear any first hand comparisons between these paths or a combination.

  1. Jays CDT3 (or CDT2), red book only, possibly (next, months to year) upgrading DSjr to new DSD MkII.

  2. PS Audio PST, but staying with DSjr for foreseeable future.

  3. Marantz SA-10, offload DSjr and use SA-10 as DAC, too.

Option 1 gets me great red book, no SACD, and a possible path to upgrading the DAC. Does the CDT3/2 compete with or better PST on red book?

Option 2 keeps me locked into PS Audio but probably rules out a DAC upgrade anytime soon. How’s the PST with the DSjr (vs DSD/DSD MkII)?

Option 3 represents a big change and locks me into player vs separates, but I do like the Marantz sound. A bit long in the tooth? Will I miss the stand alone DS Dac?

Thanks for any insights!

I have precisely zero direct experience with all your cases, but I feel your pain. I was considering a Jay’s CDT3, but not having SACD capability kept me from jumping on that.

Have you seen this? The source is rather well-trusted around here: https://forum.psaudio.com/t/lightly-used-ps-audio-pst/27724/19

Were it me, I’d stick with either your 1st or 2nd option. I don’t want the inflexibility of being locked into an integrated player/DAC, unless it’s an Ethos.


If you are looking for a deal @aangen PST is the way to go. I compared the PST in my system to the Jays Audio MK 2 and my modded Oppo 203. The PST was the best of the three IMO opinion and with a PSA Dac you can connect it I2S with an HDMI cable and get the full benefit of DSD with SACDs.


What those :point_up_2: guys said. And, Al is a gem of a guy. That PST will likely be indistinguishable from brand new.


PST would be my first choice. I had an OPPO205 and was using an I2S converter connecting to DS. The improvement from PST was significant in comparison. I also had a Wadia 20 transport in the past, and it was no match to PST by a large margin.

The only reason I haven’t bought Al’s PST is because it isn’t silver…

Someone is missing out if they don’t take that great deal.

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Well, don’t do that! At least not yet; I’m leaning this way and will PM you later today.


I would never really harm it. Its a nice piece of gear! For 1/11th the cost of my Gryphon transport it performs very well.


This being a PS Audio Forum most will naturally recommend the PST transport. Based on my experience using either of the PSA DSD Mk I and Metrum Onyx, I ultimately went with the Jays CDT2 Mk3. Significantly more reliable IME, and sounds great! THe Jays CDT3 is also a fine option. PM me for details. I have a Cambridge as a back-up as well as a Theta Data and both the PS Audio and Jay’s are a significant step up IME.

Jays doesn’t play SACDs, does it?

When I click on your username to bring up the details box, which includes the link to send a PM, I see “The user’s public profile is hidden” and the link to send a PM isn’t displayed.

Would you PM me please to see if that allows a private discussion?

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It does not.

I went with Marantz SA-10. The PST and Directsream DAC are out of my price range (even used). Got a sweet deal from The Music Room on a less than 1 year old SA-10 and it’s mint. An offer I couldn’t refuse!

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