Purchasing used PPP

Hi there, I am new here although I have been using PSA product for sometime.

Just want to know what should I be watching out for purchasing a used PPP, for example, hardware version, etc.

Thank you very much.

Look for a cheap one that you can trade in on a new P12/15/20.

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Thank you, need to check if there’s a trade up program at where I live. Cheers.

I’d recommend asking into service history and how the unit has been used. In particular, finding one that was either recently serviced or that has been run lightly is preferable. If you can get the serial number for what you’re looking at, we can look into the history of the unit for you.

As Brodric mentioned, trading it up is a fair way to go if your region has a program to facilitate that.

And last but not least, I’d consider picking up a used P3 or P5 if your budget permits. They’re more recent units running better components so your extra money would be buying a better all around component.

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The PPP is a great unit and a system can benefit a lot by adding one in. We are however noticing their reliability fade a lot as they age. I agree with Brodric and Schroed, a P3 or P5 would be much preferred.


Thank you indeed, very useful info.

Thanks, with all you guys very useful comment, I better rethink this.

Best of luck on the search! We’re always happy to help out if you have any questions while shopping around.

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I have a PPP for sale if you are interested. I am the original owner and had it in for repair in September of 2012 for clicking noises.
It’s been rock solid ever since. It’s been very well cared for and conservative 8/10 due to its age.

The reason for sale is I just purchased a P15.