Looking for Replacement Parts for PPP (Regulator PCA & Power Transistor Kit)

Hello and Happy New Year everyone!
My PPP unfortunately also got the following defects (it started with 2) and the well-known clicking and then turned to 1) not enabling the approporiate regulated output).

Regulation Issues

  1. The Bypass Relay never enables the regulated output.
    a. Replace the Regulator PCA and Darlington transistors Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4.
  2. The Bypass Relay ‘clicks’ in and out.
    a. Replace the Regulator and Darlington transistors Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4.

Does anyone have an idea if and where to get those replacement parts? I haven’t found anything on the web. My best guess (apart from selling the Premier) is to look for another broken Premier where those parts still work.
Looking forward to any reply, thanks in advance!
Regards from Germany

Hi Marc. If you can isolate which parts may have failed, you can try farnell.com or digikey.com, just few to source individual parts. Ebay as last resort for vintage stuff.

I think PS Audio offer a discount on their new regenerators taking your old one back, but don’t take my word for it.

Many thanks, nordic! Will check both sites. Ebay seems deserted at that point. The european dealer of ps audio confirmed sth like 900Eur cashback if buying a P12, so your guess is right. Thanks again!

PSA generally keeps replacement boards for the PPP (ever though it is a discontinued model). I have one and had to replace the main board about 6 months ago. Pretty easy to do yourself and only took about 30 minutes. I would place a call to PSA tech support and let them know you need a new board and want to install;l yourself. They even have a replacement procedure written up so there is no guess work when doing it. I think the new board was $250.

PSA says they don‘t have replacements parts any more for the PPP. The EU Seller says there would be no way replacing those parts yourself. You would need a special work bench for it. did not find any parts on those two online shops or I picked the wrong search terms.
I will probanly sell the broken unit and get a used successor, P5 probably, P12 is too expensive so far.

A broken PPP is worth more as a trade-in than it’s worth as parts.

Completely disagree with the EU about replacing yourself as PSA sent me the instructions and parts to do so and was quiet easy. Regardless, if PSA doesn’t have the replacement boards anymore than that really stinks. Like Brodric said, it’s def. worth more as a trade-in than for parts… Best of luck…

Me too. It’s finicky, but you can do it yourself. You need all the extras, wrist anti-static strap, thermal compound, tools etc. I have the service manual and a set of spares for PPP here somewhere, can’t remember where I put them.

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