Pureaudio Project Speakers

Anyone heard or have the Pureaudio Project speakers? Highly interested in their Quintet 15, 4 15” woofers per speaker with a horn in the center. 2.05 meter tall, open baffle design. The Trio Classic received stellar reviews.

I was one of the first U.S. customers for the PAP Trio Horns and have had them for about 3 yrs. After several months agonizing, auditioning other speakers and talking with Ze’ev at PAP, I finally pulled the trigger on these and have not regretted it. They have exceeded my expectations and performed brilliantly in my system. I have not heard the Quintets but if your room will accommodate them, they should be exceptional.
Happy to answer any questions you may have.


Thank you. I am sure they sound great. Have you ever considered other types or horns before you decided on the Pureaudio speakers?

Sure, I’d love to get a pair of Avantgarde Acoustic horns but like most horn speakers they’re pretty spendy and most are beyond the budget. Also, the PAP horns, being dipole, are easier to integrate with the room due to the radiation pattern.