PWD DSD LPs Playback


I like to encourage anyone to start playing their LPs through your PWD DSD, it is beyond my comprehension how this possible but the music out of the DSD is really something listening to.

Sounds strange - tube phono stage (with signal tubes manufactured in the 1950’s) feeding PWD DSD manufactured in 2014.

Had my son witness this, because at first I thought I was hearing things, my son now agrees that DSD LP Playback sounds way superior in my system than standard playback.

The DSD makes some of my LPs sound soooo live and so many missing notes can be heard. The needle drop is PureSex

This such a thrill. I really urge you, try it out you may like it and LPs can take a new meaning.

And if it is true about DSD break-in, I have only 75-100 hours so far.

I am a record man and now a brave new world has opened for me, the non-tubed all digital PWD DSD playing records. The black round things.


Sounds very cool, and fun.

What are you using for an ADC?


I am using the Apogee Rosetta A/D converter.

Hoping to get a Rosetta 200 soon.


Wouldn’t the NPC do this for LP playback? If so has anyone tried it with the DS?


Yes, NPC works beautifully for vinyl playback through the DS. NPC will convert to DSD and you can send it to the DS using an I2S cable.


…and, you can use I²S out on the NPC into DirectStream and the results are magnificent.

terryakhan said . . . and so many missing notes can be heard.
Hmm . . .

I understand trying this, and I am one that enjoys such experiments, but if you truly are hearing new information in this configuration the analog playback chain is not optimal and needs some attention. That is, something is not quite right. Perhaps there is an impedance mismatch, suboptimal gain staging or the like.

It is impossible to gain musical information by taking an analog stream and processing it digitally twice. At best, you do not lose information.