Direct Stream DAC troubleshooting help needed

My DS DAC was working great, then it wasn’t. Seems to be dead - power cord plugged in, main poewr on, tried reset but seems nothing works. any ideas? … thanks

Might be a fuse. Check inside.


Check power cord too. Unlikely, but they do fail too.

Hi Paul, I am reluctant to start yanking out screws. I see a bunch on the back and a bunch on the bottom - which ones do I take out. Could not find this in the manual… thanks

The documentation on how to install the DS upgrade kit for the PWD have both pictures and video of how to open the box: in the Resources/Downloads/Download Software and Guides section of the site is the DirectStream Kit ( In the Resources/Hot To there’s How to install a DS Kit (

Thanks Ted, just to be clear, this is how to get to the fuse?

They both are descriptions of how to install the DS kit, but they both contain very explicit instructions on how to open the case. After the case is opened the fuse sockets are clearly visible near the power inlet. Only the one labeled “Digital” on the PC board is used (think of the one marked “Analog” as a spare.)

Very cool Ted … thanks again!!

Cannot find any fuses Ted

Oops … found them

So both fuses are open. Replaced both and restarted. Turning on the back switch it immediately initialized (did not press the front button) and the display shows all the previous settings, but does not respond to the remote at all: volume, input or off. Send in for the experts?

Yep, check with PS Audio support (a call would likely be best.)

You can try turning it off with the back switch for, say, 10 or 20 minutes.

The remote sensor is on the display card where you can’t get to it so (for example) you didn’t accidentally unplug it. You might check and see if you accidentally unplugged another connector… The kit instructions should have pictures that look similar to your unit.

So everything but the remote works? I would be suspect of the remote.

Remote’s batteries?

front screen not responsive and remote does work on BHK Pre

Ahh. Yes. Open the top cover and take Ted’s advice of checking the cables. If not, give us a shout on Monday and we’ll get you fixed up.

Will do that Paul, reseated all connections and cables… so i am now over my head… thanks!

We’ll get you settled. Give us a call this morning.

thanks Paul - sent email earlier with info (SN etc.), i will make a followup call later … regards, Tom