PWD II probelm


I have been using a PWD II and Bridge I combo with great pleasure for many years, as original owner.
However, a problem has developed after a short power loss that occurred in my flat.
When I try to play music using minim server installed on laptop, PWD directly connected to Pass XA 30.5, there is no sound coming out of the speakers.
At the same time, album cover art and volume settings are visible on the PWD screen.
I also shut the unit down and left the power chord disconnected during the night, but it didn’t

Any ideas?

So the PWD still appears to be working well? The progress bar is still moving on the DAC? I would double check that the DAC isn’t muted and that the volume is up.

Do you have any other sources or amps you can test with?

Until yesterday not a single issue with PWD (originally PWD I, upgraded to PWD II).
I use Bubble upnp control application and all volume changes made on the tablet are also visible on the PWD screen.
No other amps at my home.
I might test PWD in my friend’s system, but I still hope that there is something I can do at my place…

With the PWD seemingly working well, we definitely need to test its output. It’s certainly worth trying a different input if you have a transport or computer around to test a different digital input.

If you have something like this, you could test the output with a pair of headphones.

Maybe I can try to find some optical cable then to connect PWD with my TV?

Yes, provided your TV’s optical out can be set to stereo PCM (often called LPCM).

Obvious question but power outages can do strange things. I assume you checked your volume and mute settings?

I wish that volume settings were wrong, but something else is the problem…
It might be related to the power supply of the analog section.

Since the PWD is now at the service centre, I will know soon.

Yes, the problem was in the analog section where a voltage regulator had to be replaced.
PWD will be beck just in time for the NYE party…

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