Delayed operation pwdII

Can anyone tell me why the functions on my pwdII are on a delay recently. Lately all the functions, volume and whatever are on a

huge delay. It happens on bridge, coax or which ever source is used, also with remote or touch screen. It is really annoying and it will raise and lower volume 20 seconds afterwards. This seem to become a problem within the last month.

Thanks, Mike

Did you try a hard reboot?

Yes, try overnight with ALL cables, power, bridge, rca, usb, ALL removed.

If it does not help, then I would drop to a previous firmware and then reinstall what you use now.

O.K. Will try this evening, also I should mention the touch screen dims when unit is struggling to

do a function. If this fails you may have to walk me through the firmware process. Mike

I get these delays intermittently as well. A quick reboot seems to solve the problem with my unit. The screen is troubling, though. G, have you heard of this before?

Well it looks like it did the trick, everything seems to be operating normally.

While I’m here what is the procedure for locking the emm on my my ipad to the dac.

Getting the dac on the devices on emm has always been a problem, the computer end of emm locks on instantly. Just wondering what is the proper procedure, right now flipping the power button on the back of the dac usually works. Network on touch screen always shows connected during this problem.

Thanks again Mike


Hey Mike.

Glad to hear you are up and running again.

We send telepathic instructions to your PWD so that’s why the power off so we don’t get zapped.:smiley:

Personally, I would dump EMM since it is presently unsupported and does not help with the net-connect issues.

Depending on your OS and set up, there are better options for you out there.


I hope you don’t mind if I pick your brain on some issues as I have not had the time to figure everything out yet and I am as computer illiterate as one could get.

I did download Jriver remote and did try there free one month trial. It was early on in my dac purchase and I just could not stand another person with there hand out. My trial was shortened more with some small issues with the dac and lack of time but would consider it again. I would like to use a music site like Spotify or another but have no idea how it works, any help with that would be nice. Mike



Are you on mac or Win?



And is your library FLAC, AIFF ?

Better yet.

PM me your tel nmbr

Thank you

Looks like Gordon does it again. :-bd