PWD Volume Adjustment Problem


Normally I would simply use the remote to adjust the volume output on the PWD. Now after installing 2.14b when I do this the volume indicator on the PWD moves to the desired level but when I release the button on the remote the music stops and then after a few seconds resumes at the new level. The firmware in the PWD is 2.4.1.


This is truly odd. I have not heard of this as an issue before. Does it do the same thing if you change the volume on the touch screen or only when you use the remote?

I suggest turning off the PWD, unplugging it, and powering up again. If the problem is still there, I would try loading different firmware and seeing if it still exists. If it goes away, load your preferred firmware again and see if the problem is resolved.


I would load different FW, or reload the same. By that, and I think this is what Elk meant, not FW for the bridge, but go back to 2.4.0 and see what happens.


I will try all of these things later tonight and then post an update.

Thank you for your help

David said: . . . not FW for the bridge, but go back to 2.4.0 . . .

Exactly. Thanks for the clarification. :)

Good luck, Haxter1!


I did as Elk suggested. I shut the unit off in the back, removed the power chord and after about twenty minutes restated it. It now seems to work OK.

Thanks again


Great news!


Ah, the inscrutable reboot procedure. Works every time and no one knows why. =))


It is one of your greatest inventions.


Maybe it gives the electrons pause to reflect on their behavior. [-X




Finally, a rational explanation for why it works.