PWD MK2 optical toslink failure

Dear all!

I’ve encountered a problem with my PWD when connecting it to my PS4 via toslink optical cable.

At first everything worked just fine. But then some clicking on the PWD started, like it was turning a chipset on and of. Now it just won’t work.

I believe that the problem is on the connection side of the PWD. The light on the end of the wire is on, so the connection on the PS4 side is ok.

I tried to look into the hole of the optical connection on PWD, and it seems as if it’s out of alignment.

I took an attempt of disassembly following the DSD upgrade kit installation video, but failed because I don’t have the necessary set of tools - no screws like they are using, and no spare parts.

What do I do???

Maybe a better cable might work? I’m using a generic RadioShack one. Your opinion?