Upgrade to MK2: problem... solved!


Hi, today the upgrade board for my PWD is installed by the reseller. Something is wrong: i can hear something on toslink on a very low volume, on USB the same but only for a second. The volume doesn’t have any effect. Can I do something or must the board be returned?


At 44.1 USB keeps working, but on very low volume.


Excuses, problem solved!!


@huubf > Glad to hear that you resolved the problem! Please share the solution, so others can learn from your experience.


The connector to the new board was not correctly mounted… When you shift 1 to left or right it is hardly visible.


Happy that it (still) works!


yes, those little snap on connectors are tricky.

you need to feel/hear the snap.

I find that you need to rock them by setting the “wire side” on the board and then rock them to the front of the board.

It is also easy to knock one off while addressing it’s neighbour.

Also important to keep them clean from finger grease.

Perhaps in the next upgrade a different connector could be engineered?


It appears an obvious place for a ribbon, but I assume this was rejected to allow the wires to route other than parallel, or the reconfiguration of the circuit to incorporate a ribbon is either detrimental to the sound or otherwise a problem.

I get a kick out of the little connectors, but this is probably because I had no issue dealing with them.

Great to hear the problem is solved!


I suspect that they were used because they are precision electronic connectors designed to work well into the GigaHertz band. This helps transfer the signal with a minimum of waveform distortion, minimizing the creation of any jitter in the transfer the they worked so hard to eliminate in the new Mk II input board. These connectors are used as internal antenna lead connectors in things like routers and other 2.4 and 5.6 GHz products. Not the easiest to use, certainly not the cheapest, but the best solution available fot the task at hand.



Very cool info.