PWD MKII with Bridge Internet Radio Streaming (without a PC)



Is this possible?

Can I use the standard IR controll?

If yes wich firmeware must i have on the bridge?

If not what can i do to let PC away?

Sony Tablets S with Android possible?



Unfortunately, one cannot stream directly to the PWD. There needs to be a PC or other piece of equipment in between that turns the stream into PCM data.


Thanks Elk

Ohhh, its very very, bad.

Is it planed do integrated this feature in the bridge / pwd in near future?

I think this is for very much buyers a real no go.


krokodil67 said: I think this is for very much buyers a real no go.

Maybe....depends on what you want the PWD to do....

One solution, however, is to use an airport express
and you can stream from a networked device (like an ipod) using an internet radio 'tuner' of your choice directly to the PWD. I use the optical input for this purpose.


Hi David,


I´m a W7 user and have a sony tablet s with android.

You know a good unit / app to do this like the apple way?

Thanks and Regards


@; sorry, but Apple is not mines.


This was the cheapest/most functional approach I could figure out.

Maybe there is a NAS application that will do the same thing - I haven’t checked.